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Pelikan M205 Amethyst Special Edition 27th August, 2015: Just in today, the fab new Pelikan M205 Amethyst Special Edition fountain pen.Classic 205 Amethyst - frosted transparent in fascinating lilac. For the first time ever, Pelikan launches a Special Edition that matches the color of Edelstein« Ink of the year. The beautiful color Amethyst is an intensive lilac shade combined with a semi-transparent frosted effect that makes these writing instruments unique. This especially developed material combination gives the color an amazing depth, but still allows a glimpse into the inner parts. The series 205 is available as fountain pen and ball pen with a shiny silver-colored clip and rings. The fountain pen has a polished stainless steel nib. The nib widths EF, F, M, B cover a broad range of individual handwritings. For a "top to toe" Amethyst impression you should match the Edelstein Ink of the year Amethyst with the fountain pen and choose the elegant set. It’s all about Amethyst.
You can see more information on the new Pelikan M205 Amethyst Special Edition pen here: here.

Fellowship Eyedropper Fountain Pens 27th August, 2015: I am pleased to say that I have some new Indian pens on my website today. Fellowship are a fair sized pen company in India but are not very well known over here. Like most of the Indian manufacturers they concentrate on eyedropper pens. I have a selection of three different eyedropper models today, and I plan on expanding the range available if these go well. They are all very affordable and fun pens, with a good ink capacity thanks to their eyedropper filling method.
You can see more information on the new Fellowship pens here: here.

Wality 69EB Ebonite Eyedropper Pen 26th August, 2015: Introducing the new Wality 69EB Ebonite Eyedropper Pen. The 69EB is the eyedropper version of the 69L piston filling pen, but made in a beautifully patterned ripple ebonite. These patterns are reminiscent of 1920s Waterman and other brands who made pens in riplled coloured ebonite. As you can see, it is available in a choice of two colours - Brown Ripple and Green Ripple. It is a large pen with a good ink capacity thanks to its eyedropper filling mechanism. It is the classic cigar shape with chrome plated trim - a robust pocket clip and a wide cap lip band. The Wality 69EB is a very inexpensive way to try an eyedropper pen if you have never used one before.
You can see more information on the new Wality 69EB EBonite Eyedropper pens here: here.

Onoto Magna Classic Midnight Blue 26th August, 2015: I have a brand new colour in the Onoto Magna Classic range - Midnight Blue. This is significantly darker than the standard blue Magna Classic. The colour is beautifully offset with gold plated sterling silver trims. The Magna Classic is completely hand-made in England and bears the words ‘ONOTO THE PEN Made in England’ engraved on the barrel just like many of the vintage Onoto pens of the last century when such famous patrons like Winston Churchill, Natsume Soseki and Field Marshall Haig relied on their Onoto pens to communicate great words and wisdom. Hold the Magna Classic and you’ll marvel at its perfect balance and lightness – but don’t be fooled by its weight! Even though only 27 grams, this is one of the most robust pens on the market today, thanks to its durable, high density acrylic composition. Put ‘pen to paper’ and you’ll be amazed at the smoothness of the exclusive Onoto #7 nib. You can select either a stainless steel version (as standard) or the 18 carat gold version for that extra-luxury feel. Both are available in broad, fine or medium widths to suit your handwriting style.
You can see more information on the Onoto Magna Classic range here: here.

Wality 69T Eyedropper pens 16th July, 2015: A new model from Wality, the 69T eyedropper. The Wality 69T is a large pen, and like so many Indian made pens is an eyedropper filler. The completely clear barrel allows you to see at a glance exactly how much ink you have remaining and the large barrel size means that you can get well over 2ml of ink in each fill! The caps and gripping sections are available in a variety of colours. The Wality Clear Acrylic pen is a very inexpensive way to start your eyedropper adventure!
You can see more information on the Wality 69T Eyedropper Pens here: here.

Varuna Dip Pens, new colours 16th July, 2015: The Varuna Ebonite Dip Pens are now available in three new colours - Olive Ripple (pictured), Green Ripple, and Brown Ripple. The Varuna Dip Pens are all made from hard rubber (ebonite), and as they are all hand turned, you never get two exactly the same. The pictures below are just representative - the decoration is never quite the same on any two pens. They are all fitted with a finned ebonite feed, and a gold plated steel Wality nib in a fine point. As they use fountain pen style feeds, they will write for a good while per dip, and if you wish you can even fit your favourite vintage fountain pen nib - a vintage size 2 nib is just about right in these pens.
You can see more information on the Varuna Ebonite Dip Pens here: here.

Pelikan M805 Demonstrator Special Edition, engraved 18th June, 2015: Now in stock is the fabulous new Pelikan M805 Demonstrator pen. The Demonstrator as a completely transparent product was first launched to show how the piston mechanism works and soon became a huge success. Especially technically interested people are fascinated to see how the barrel fills with ink. After the last launch of the M800 Demonstrator in 2008, Pelikan now offers this unusual product as a Special Edition in the size 805, i.e. with palladium plated trimmings. To harmonize the optical appearance, the 18 carat gold nib is entirely covered by rhodium. Due to the high quality requirements of Pelikan and the fact that the attractiveness of this product is based on the completely transparent body, it is necessary to work with perfectly cleaned production machines, so that not a single color particle remains. This is the engraved version with technical descriptions in English. See the close-up photo below for details.
You can see more information on all current Pelikan Special Edition pens here.

Kaweco Brass Sport 4th June, 2015: We like brass. And so do Kaweco. New in, the Brass Sport. Hewn from solid brass, the Brass Sport pens take ruggedness and good looks to a new height. Tougher than the Al-Sport, and heavier too, this is a go-anywhere pen. Kaweco have left the brass unpolished, so it has a little texture to it and a really cool vintage look. Slip it in your pocket, and you're good to go.
You can see more information the Kaweco Sport range here.

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