Hero No. 366, Burgundy

Hero No. 366, Burgundy
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Brand: Hero (Doctor)
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Hero No. 366, Burgundy

Size: Length - 122mm capped; 141mm posted.

The Hero model 366 is a bit of a mix of style. It has a hooded nib like many Hero pens, made to resemble the parker 51. However, the cap and barrel are shaped and designed just like a Sheaffer pen from the 1950s.  The steel cap has a tapered top, and has a polished finish with a chrome plated pocket clip with the "HERO" name imprinted down the stem. There is a further imprint at the cap lip.  The barrel, which also tapers at the end, unscrews to reveal a very unusual bulb filling mechanism. I think this was used as it is more compact than the usual Aerometric style filling system that Hero usually use.  The nib is made from a steel alloy with an iridium point and is a fine point.


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