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Skagen                                 Designs watchesSpecial Offer on all our Skagen watches - I now have a huge 40% off all Skagen wateches - while stocks last! In 1989, Henrik and Charlotte Jorst came to the United States from their native Denmark to follow a dream: that of owning and running their own business, to introduce the Danish lifestyle and philosophy into the lives of many. Skagen Designs was founded by these two natives of Copenhagen on the principle that beautifully designed high-quality objects can be created at reasonable prices.The Skagen Denmark Collections reflect owners Charlotte and Henrik Jorst's creative Danish spirit with clean, elegant designs, skillful craftsmanship and technical perfection. The Jorsts have a hand in designing each piece of the Skagen Collection, from watches to jewelry to sunglasses. See our Skagen range here.

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Montegrappa DC Comics 21st January, 2015: Holy Heroes and Villains! Check out Montegrappa's new DC Comics collection! Phenomenally successful, Montegrappa’s Batman pen collection has inspired a range of writing instruments sure to delight any comic book fan with a love for objects related to favourite characters. Called “DC Comics Heroes & Villains” - the new series commences with four pens for four characters in each category. All will be offered as fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens. Chosen for the first quartet of heroes are Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. The nemeses of Batman comprise the first four villains: The Joker, The Penguin, Catwoman and The Riddler. Every pen boasts an evocative design, in each hero’s or villain’s signature colour scheme.
You can see more details on all the pens in the Montegrappa DC Comics range here.

Montegrappa Extra Otto 21st January, 2015: The new Montegrappa Extra Otto is made from celluloid and sterling silver. Applying Montegrappa’s geometric motif to Montegrappa’s legendary Extra 1930, Extra Otto is an octagonal version of its legendary forebear. The octagon is the example of geometric perfection that had provided Montegrappa with a timeless motif – now it can be held in one’s hand
You can see more details on all the pens in the Montegrappa Exta Otto range here.

Montegrappa Piacere 21st January, 2015: A new slimline pen from Montegrappa - the Piacere. Piacere – Italian for “Pleasure”! Italians, say “Piacere” upon first being introduced to a new face, a new friend. Piacere is a perfect introduction to the joys of fine writing instruments, manufactured from brass and finished with coloured lacquers and palladium trim components. The slim Piacere has been created to suit men and women who prefer a smaller pen, making it the ideal choice for diaries, especially mini versions.
You can see more details on all the pens in the Montegrappa Piacere range here.

Montegrappa Ca$h 21st January, 2015: Bring some bling into your daily life with the Montegrappa Ca$h! With dollar sign adornments, the bling-bling-iest stone set into its top, the Ca$h Pen is a wry look at the devil-may-care, ifyou’ve-got-it-flaunt-it excess of the world dancing to a hip-hop soundtrack. Underneath the glitz, a fabulous writing instrument perfect for signing cheques and hotel bills!
You can see more details on all the pens in the Montegrappa Ca$h range here.

Montegrappa Fortuna Credo 20th January, 2015: Another addition to the Montegrappa Fortuna model line-up is the Fortuna Credo collection. The Fortuna Credo collection by Montegrappa is, dedicated to the three Semitic religions: Domes to represent Eastern Orthodox, Our Father to represent Western Christianity, Shema Israel to represent Judaism, and Islam Girih to represent Islam.
You can see more details on all the pens in the Montegrappa Fortuna Credo range here.

Montegrappa Fortuna 20th January, 2015: Montegrappa have brought out some new colours for the Fortuna range for 2015. The Fortuna is now available in white with rose gold trim, white with ruthenium trim, blue with rose gold trim, blue with palladium trim, and the very striking Fortuna Tricolore. Fortuna was the goddess of fortune, the personification of luck according to the ancient Romans. Fortuna's identity as the embodiment of chance events was closely tied to Virtus, or strength of character. Public officials who lacked this quality invited ill-fortune on both themselves and Rome. At Montegrappa, we strongly believe that luck is indubitably linked to virtue, whilst education is the foundation onto which an individual develops and nurtures his or her innate talents. We also believe that hand writing is an essential element of the education process and an indespensable function, even in today's hurried, digitised society. For this reason we have created our new Fortuna collection, with an eye to those who still indulge in the pleasure of writing. It is our wish that these pens will engender the good luck they deserve.
You can see more details on all the pens in the Montegrappa Fortuna range here.

Special Offer on Varuna Pens 16th January, 2015: I have a limited time special offer on Varuna Ebonite Pens. Discounts range from 10% to 25%. These pens are simply the finest quality Indian ebonite fountain pens that we have found and we are very pleased to be able to offer them to our customers. Andy's Pens is the exclusive UK and worldwide seller of Varuna Fountain Pens.
You can see more details on all the pens in the Varuna Ebontie Pens rangehere.

Manu Propria 15th January, 2015: It is with great pleasure that I announce that I will henceforth be selling the beautiful made to order MAnu Propria range of ebonite urushi lacquered pens. The MANU PROPRIA Fountain Pen brand was started in December 2013, following the tradition of Japanese fountain pens using traditional ebonite material and urushi lacquer. According to the term MANU PROPRIA „with my own hands“, all fountain pens are completely hand made in Bern, Switzerland. The barrel, cap and sections are made from Japanese Ebonite and all fountain pens are finished with various urushi lacquer techniques.
Urushi is a precious and durable natural material. Urushi is very robust. An urushi-coated bowl can withstand the extreme temperatures of being used for hot soup every day. Its chemical resistance is also so high that even aqua regalis (nitrohydrochloric acid) which solutes gold cannot damage it. Urushi has a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale, which is the same as that of glass. Lacquerware pieces have been found that date back 7000 years. The fact that they survived shows how durable urushi is.
MANU PROPRIA fountain pens are not something you can simply walk into a shop everywhere and buy. They are hand-turned and hand lacquered, manufactured one piece after the other. The nibs used, are 18 kt (750) gold made in Germany.
MANU PROPRIA pens are expertly hand-turned with a manually-operated lathe. Handling a MANU PROPRIA fountain pen will make you deeply appreciative of the workmanship that goes into crafting each pen, the attention to detail that I bring to my pens.
Each pen comes with a secret maki-e signature, tastefully and subtly placed on the barrel end.
MANU PROPRIA fountain pens will keep their value and are very hard to find on the secondary market. You will particularly enjoy the fact that you are using a pen that very few people will recognise or even own.
MANU PROPRIA fountain pens are not the most expensive out there, but are valuable because of their relative scarcity and the knowledge and craftsmanship that goes into making each pen.
You can see more details on all the pens in the Manu Propria rangehere.

Sailor Precious Woods Kabazaiku Wild Cherry Bark 12th January, 2015: A new addition to the Sailor Precious Woods line-up: the Kabazaiku or Wild Cherry Bark fountain pen.Kabazaiku - Cherry Bark woodworking is a traditional Japanese art work that flourished in Kakunodate in the Akit prefecture of Japan. The technique was used 250 years ago by Samurai warriors to decorate their weapons and other posessions. The same uncompromising spirit of quality and workmanship has been handed down the generations to the producer of the "Kabazaiku" Cherry Bark - Denshiro Shouten. Each pen shows a unique pattern of wild cherry bark and gives a warm, natural feeling in the hand.
You can see more details on all the pens in the Sailor Precious Woods rangehere.

Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Black 8th January, 2015: Introducing the Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Black.A Professional Gear fountain pen with matte black body and nickel chrome trim. Available as a fountain pen, ballpoint and multifunction pen. The multifunction pen has three colour ballpoint (blue, black and red), and 0.5mm pencil functions.
You can see more details on the Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Black Pen here.

Sailor Fasciner 8th January, 2015: Yet another new product from Sailor - The Fasciner. Sailor Fasciner is the first pen specially designed for young ladies. Feminine and luxurious. A fountain pen, ballpoint, pencil, and multifunction pen in pearly white resin with pink gold trim. The multifunction pen has two-colour ballpoint (red and black) and 0.5mm pencl functions. The pencil accepts 0.5mm leads.
You can see more details on the Sailor Fasciner collection here.

Sailor Sapporo Demonstrator Fountain Pen Sailor Sapporo Demonstrator Fountain Pen Sailor Sapporo Demonstrator Fountain Pen 8th January, 2015: The new-year shake-up at Sailor continues with the announcement of three new Demonstrator colours in the Sapporo range. The new colours are: Pink, Green and Orange, all with Rhodium Trim and a rhodium plated pen has a 14 carat gold nib.
You can see more details on the Sailor Sapporo collection here.

Sailor Sapporo Fountain Pen Sailor Sapporo Fountain Pen Sailor Sapporo Fountain Pen Sailor Sapporo Fountain Pen 7th January, 2015: Four new colours in the very popuplar Sailor Sapporo range have just been introduced. The new colours are: White with Gold Trim, Red with Rhodium Trim, Metallic Blue with Rhodium Trim and Metallic Violet with Rhodium Trim. The Sailor Sapporo is a standard sized pen in resin with gold platedor rhodium plated trim. All Sapporo pens are fitted with a 14 carat gold nib. The rhodium plated pen has a 14 carat gold rhodium plated nib.
You can see more details on the Sailor Sapporo collection here.

Sailor Hih Ace Neo Fountain Pen Sailor Hih Ace Neo Fountain Pen Sailor Hih Ace Neo Fountain Pen 7th January, 2015: The High Ace Neo is a new low-cost "beginners" pen from Sailor. . The High-Ace Neo is a resin pen with an aluminium cap. It has a stainless steel nib in a fine point and is supplied with a presentation box.
You can see more details on the Sailor Refino collection here.

Sailor Refino Multifunction Pens 7th January, 2015: Stock of the new Sailor Refino multifunction pens has just reached the UK. . The Refino pens are available with genuine stitched leather covering or with an eco-friendly maple wood finish. They consist of two-colour ballpoint (red and black) and 0.5mm pencil.
You can see more details on the Sailor Refino collection here.

Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears 4th November, 2014: I have another new batch of Mabledon Road Bears on my website. All Mabledon Road Bears are lovingly hand made and are all one-off creations.
You can see more details on the whole range of Mabledon Road Bears that I currently have available here.

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