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Skagen                                 Designs watchesSpecial Offer on all our Skagen watches - I now have a huge 40% off all Skagen wateches - while stocks last! In 1989, Henrik and Charlotte Jorst came to the United States from their native Denmark to follow a dream: that of owning and running their own business, to introduce the Danish lifestyle and philosophy into the lives of many. Skagen Designs was founded by these two natives of Copenhagen on the principle that beautifully designed high-quality objects can be created at reasonable prices.The Skagen Denmark Collections reflect owners Charlotte and Henrik Jorst's creative Danish spirit with clean, elegant designs, skillful craftsmanship and technical perfection. The Jorsts have a hand in designing each piece of the Skagen Collection, from watches to jewelry to sunglasses. See our Skagen range here.

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Perles de Caran d'Ache Collection 9th April, 2014: Perles de Caran d'Ache Collection.  The Perla collection is a variation based on the Akoya pearl, combining elegance and simplicity in an original writing instrument intended for women who appreciate harmony and style. The body and cap of the writing instrument are entirely produced by hand in the company's Geneva workshops where they are coated in platinum and subtly engraved with scrolls based on seashells. The cap contains a jewel, the Akoya pearl, that makes the pen into a highly emotive object. The concept arose out of the material itself, slowly forming in the designerís mind then turning into the superb instruments that honour one of natureís exceptional treasures: the Akoya pearl.
You can see more information on the Perles de Caran d'Ache collection here.

Graf von Faber-Castell Initio Collection 8th April, 2014: Graf von Faber-Castell Initio.  The slim metal barrel promises stylish writing pleasure whose fine fluting is a real eye-catcher. Its surface also attests to its meticulous craftsmanship: the technically-innovative varnish created specially for the "Initio" is applied several times and imparts it with a durable, noble, matt look. Highly polished front and end pieces accent the barrel to great affect just like the subtlety engraved "Handmade in Germany" seal of quality.
You can see more information on the whole of the Graf von Faber-Castell Initio range here.

Caran d'Ache Varius 7th April, 2014: Caran d'Ache have expanded their Varius range with three new models.  The pen pictures is the beauriful Rubracer Special Edition. The other two new finishes are the equally spectacular China Ivory pens with gold plated trimm, and also with rhodium plated trim.
You can see more information on the whole of the Caran d'Ache Varius range here.

Conway Stewart Model 100 60th Anniversary Fountain Pen 6rd April, 2014: Conway Stewart's long-awaited re-launch of the Model 100 - the 60th Anniversary Special Edition!  The 100 Series was first launched in 1954 and was quick to become one of the most popular Oversize pens ever made by Conway Stewart. In celebration of this popular and iconic model created 60 years ago, Conway Stewart is pleased to release a special edition of the 100 Series crafted out of Pistachio hand made resin - the 60th Anniversary 100 Series Special Edition. This is the first of the NEW 100 Series pen range. We will be launching a core range of colours in the 100 Series range very soon, but there are only 60 of this special edition. All 60 are made, so all are waiting in our factory to be dispatched, and we are expecting all to be gone within days! So hurry and order now to avoid missing this opportunity to own part of history. Based on the popular original model 100 Series, this sleek and subtly curvaceous fountain pen is crafted out of precious resin in our popular pistachio finish featuring a graceful blend of light and dark green, amber, and cream pearlescent shades. The subtle play of light from the shimmering green and amber hints at the depths of this material. The slim and elegant lines of this design further brings the scintillating colours to life as the pen turns in the hand. This bold and unique mix of colours is complimented by the rich solid sterling silver trim of our award winning 100 Series.
You can see more information on the Conway Stewart Model 100 60th Anniversaty Pen here.

Faber-Castell Design, Ondoro 3rd April, 2014: Faber-Castell Design's iconic Ondoro pen is now available with a wooden barrel.  
You can see more information on the Faber-Castell Design Ondoro pens here.

Pelikan M205 Duo, green 3rd April, 2014: Pelikan M205 Duo highlighter pen in green.  The M205 DUO is a highlighter and a piston fountain pen at the same time - hence the name „Duo“. After the amazing success of the M205 DUO yellow, Pelikan launches the shiny green model for a limited time to complement the range. As before, the green model is available with the extra broad stainless steel nib BB inside an attractive gift box that also includes one bottle of special highlighter ink in shiny green. Due to the extra broad nib, you can both highlight and take notes easily. The highlighter inks should only be used in combination with the special Pelikan Duo Highlighter fountain pens, either in yellow or in green. Inside the bottle, the green doesn‘t really look shiny, but when you see it on paper, you‘ll be surpised!
You can see more information on all the Pelikan Traditional series pens here.

Pelikan Eternal Ice Special Edition 2nd April, 2014: Pelikan Eternal Ice Special Edition.  Pelikan celebrates the Beauties of Nature with yet another extraordinary series - the Special Edition Eternal Ice. Each writing instrument is packed inside an oval gift box that reflects the value and the beauty of the series. This sixth motif in the series that was started in 2007 combines a shade of light blue color with icy white. In a complicated process, the broken ice patterns are first lasered, then covered with a layer of Palladium, just like the rings and clips. The surface is then lacquered and polished multiple times until it shines like true ice. To round it off, the nib is made of 18 carat gold which is completely rhodinized to give a silver impression. A matching ball pen and roller ball are also available.
You can see more information on all the Pelikan Special Edition pens here.

Pelikan Souveran Mount Everest Special Edition 2nd April, 2014: Pelikan Souveran Mount Everest Special Edition.  Unique and spectacular Just like the world’s highest mountain. The special edition “Mount Everest” is crafted of the finest materials. The distinctive new barrel features a metal shaft with a complex engraving and specially created gold plated mountain formation element. Its representation flows into the anthracite-colored precious resin components of the front part and the ink handle. The 18 carat gold nib with rhodium trim is designed, masterfully crafted and polished meticulously by a master’s hand. The new Mount Everest is also available as a ballpoint pen and rollerball. This Special Edition has been created by Pelikan and follows the tradition of quality built in to all fine writing instruments made since their beginning in 1929. The goal of Pelikan continues to be to “perfect the technology” while providing and instilling in every piece its own individual personality.
You can see more information on all the Pelikan Special Edition pens here.

Porsche Design P'3135 Solid Fountain Pen 1st April, 2014: Its name suggests the special feature of this pen: the Porsche Design P'3135 Solid is milled out of a single piece of solid titanium.  Its progressive pure silhouette means that the fountain pen has a unique shape. It is rounded off by the integral 18-carat gold nib which features a high quality rhodium coating to underline its aesthetic and elegance. The icon of the Porsche Design brand is discretely engraved on the surface of the nib. The shaft is precisely milled, polished and then finished with a scratchproof PVD coating. This plasma vacuum coating is made of 99.99 percent pure titanium and produces a scratchproof surface which is also ten times harder than steel. The characteristic feature of this very special fountain pen is the mechanism innovatively concealed in the shaft. Only when gentle pressure is applied to the end of the Porsche Design P‘3135 Solid and the end piece is unscrewed can the mechanism be removed and the converter filled. The pen is protected by an additional aluminium sleeve for when it is carried around or placed in a briefcase.
You can see more information on the Porsche Design P'3135 Solid fountain pen here.

Porsche Design P'3115 Laser Flex 1st April, 2014: Just added to the website - the amazing Porsche Design P'3115 Laser Flex ballpoint.  The Porsche Design P'3115 is a truly innovative design. The barrel is made up of a series of precisely laser cut interlocking stainless steel strips, each with a tiny gap betweein it and its neighbours. When you press on the top of the pen to extend the writing point, the gaps between the strips are compressed, and the whole barrel flexes to expose the ballpoint refill's writing point, which then locks into place until you press again to retract it.
You can see more information on the Porsche Design P'3115 Laser Flex ballpoint pen here.

Sheaffer Gift collection 300 27th March, 2014: Sheaffer have three new finishes in the Gift Collection 300 range.   The pictured pen is the 9327 Brushed Chrome with Gold Plated Trim.  Also new is the 9328 Gloss Blue and the 9329 Metallic Grey.  You can see more information on the whole of the Caran d'Ache Ecridor range here.

Caran d'Ache Ecridor Golf 19th March, 2014: Caran d'Ache have a new model in the Ecridor range. The Ecridor’s unmistakeable hexagonal body is decorated with an original geometric guilloche inspired by the dimples on a golf ball. This exclusive engraving is carefully applied on the body that is coated in palladium, a lightweight innovative material that clearly evokes the precision of a golf club. While the Ecridor Golf is designed to meet the needs of all sports lovers who pay attention to fine details, it is particularly ideal for men and women golfers. It is their new accessory for elegantly recording a par, a birdie or another score for each hole. You can see more information on the whole of the Sheaffer Gift Collection range here.

Varuna Sale 12th March, 2014: For a limited time only, I am having a sale on selected Varuna Ebonite Pens colours and models. You can get a whopping 25% off Varuna models with the Indian nibs fitted, and 10% off Varuna models with the German nibs fitted. The sale applies to non-premiun colours only. So, if you fancy one of these unique pens, don't delay!
You can see more information on the whole of the Varuna range here.

Monteverde Engage Ink-Ball 10th March, 2014: I have now received preliminary stock of the Monteverde Engage Ink-Ball! The Engage offers the same benefits as Monteverde's Mega Ink Ball. The writing system provides the ink flow of a fountain pen with the convenience and control of a rollerball pen. The result is a rollerball pen that is capless forever! Filling System: The retractable Engage draws ink just like a fountain pen . It can be filled with an ink bottle by using the ink converter supplied and drawing up ink through the ink-ball point or by using standard international sized ink cartridges with the included cartridge adapter. Body: Made of hand made high quality carbon fibre. "Capless Forever" - your retractable Engage ink-ball can be left with the point in the writing position for extended periods of time with very little ink evaporation which usually results in drying out, a truly incredible benefit for fountain ink users! The new Monteverde Engage is a new advance in writing technology. This new system is different from anything else you have ever encountered. Get engaged now!
You can see more information on the whole of the Monteverde Engage range here.

Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears 17th January, 2013: I have another new batch of Mabledon Road Bears on my website. All Mabledon Road Bears are lovingly hand made and are all one-off creations.
You can see more details on the whole range of Mabledon Road Bears that I currently have available here.

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