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S. T. Dupont Streamline R 12th May, 2015: The second of the new S. T. Dupont models to be listed today - the beautiful Streamline R. A collection with a legendary design for the discerning connoisseur. Pared down and slightly curved lines give the pens in the Streamline R collection their remarkable generous appearance. This was one unshakeable characteristic for Streamline, the legendary movement which changed American industrial design in the 1930s forever. Inspired by a falling drop of water and its aerodynamic force, it evokes power and splendor. Ceramium A.C.T. (Advanced Ceramium Technology) a new revolutionary material for a perfect balance of the pen. Motivated by the single aim of offering the ultimate in pleasure and comfort, S. T. Dupont constantly develops materials and technologies which achieve benchmark status in the luxury goods sector. Ceramium A.C.T. is S. T. Dupont's most recent innovation, providing lightness and strength. A perfect gift in matte black or metallic grey, each pen is available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen versions. The fountain pen is equipped with a 14K gold nib. The Streamline R pen is sold with is amazing pen holder, echoing the shapes of motor cars from the Streamline era with a modern slant. It becomes a sophisticated decorative object and the perfect gift idea.
You can see more information the new S. T. Dupont Streamline R pens here.

S. T. Dupont Line D Ceramium 12th May, 2015: I have just had the new S. T. Dupont catalogue through, and this is the first of their new models for 2015; the Line D Ceramium Collection . S. T. Dupont's iconic models, the Elysee (Line D) Pen and the Ligne 2 lighter (previously available in genuine Chinee lacquer and precious metals), are hand crafted to guarantee impeccable quality and symbolise the importance of excellence. These models form the basis if the Ceramium collection, which incorporates Guilloche, one of S. T. Dupont's most established techniques, with an original and innovative finish unprecedented in the luxury sector: CERAMIUM A.C.T.
Ceramium A.C.T. (Advanced Ceramium Technology): the result of three years of research and development at S. T. Dupont's workshops, Ceramium is an alloy of aluminium and ceramic which offers some remarkable properties; not only is it shock-proof, scratch-proof and fire-resistant, it is above all extremely light. The lightness of the alloy has made it possible to reduce the weight of the pen by 40%. The writing instruments offer exceptional writing comfort which will be fully appreciated by connoisseurs. The Ceramium A.C.T. collection is available in three colours; black, dark grey and metallic grey.
You can see more information the new S. T. Dupont Line D Ceramium pens here.

Omas Arte Italiana Art Vision Fountain Pen 11th May, 2015: Listed new today, a brand new pen from Omas - the Arte Italiana Art Vision. The 2015 Arte Italiana Art collection is a new OMAS inspiration. Made for the first time in semi-transparent Cotton Resin, following the historical Lucens models, made to reveal the ink loading into the barrel, the new Art Collection is inspired by watercolours paintings and by gentle tones of liquid blue and liquid green.Enriched by rhodium and by ultra-black ruthenium plating, both colours of the two models reveal the inner mechanics of the piston filling system.The Milord fountain pen, with its piston filling system, is dedicated to most demanding handwriting devotees. Classicism and modernity, past and future, tradition and innovation merge together into an exclusive collection handcrafted and manufactured in the Bologna workshop. OMAS certifies the production to 331 fountain pens by colour in 2015. I am accepting orders now, with delivery in June 2015.
You can see more information on all Omas Arte Italiana pens here.

Faber-Castell Ambition OpArt Aquamarine 1st April, 2015: New to Faber-Castell Design for April 2015 - the Ambition OpArt Aqua fountain pen and ballpoint. A bright and attractive new colour with the "OpArt" barrel patterning.
You can see more information on all Faber-Castell Design Ambition pens here.

Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Cisele Brown 1st April, 2015: Graf von Faber-Castell have added a new colour to their popular and long-running Guilloche range. The Guilloche Cisele Brown has a beautiful two-tone brown herringbone effect running the full thength of the barrel.
You can see more information on all the Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche pens here.

Cresco Pens 27th March, 2015: I am now an authorised seller for the Cresco brand of writing instruments.Cresco are a small pen maufacturer basin in Poland. The make a range of stylish and inexpensive fountain pens, rollerballs abd ballpoints.
You can see more information on the new Visconti Classic Collection here.

Visconti Classic Collection 17th March, 2015: The Classic collection is a recreation of Visconti's very first pen. It has an appealingly vintage appearance with its flat top and non-nonsense pocket clip. The Classic is available as a fountain pen with a medium width steel nib, or as a rollerball pen that accepts standard rollerball refills. The fountain pen usues standard ink cartridges, and cn also be fitted with the Rembrandt ink converter for using bottled inks. The ink converter is not included with the pen.The Classic series is available in six beautiful resin colours; Black Fleck, Blue-Black, Crimson, Green, Orange and Sepia.
You can see more information on the new Visconti Classic Collection here.

Pelikan M200 Cafe Creme Special Edition 13th March, 2015: A very attractive new special edition pen from Pelikan. A dreamy color combination - inspired by the world of coffee.If you treasure the finer things in life, chances are high that you’ll know how to savour things – be it a perfect cup of coffee, a latte or a smoothly working fountain pen that glides effordlessly across paper. The beautiful coloring of a latte macchiato drink inspired us to create this fountain pen. It was made for the connoisseurs among you – those who know how to enjoy the things that count.The series 200 Caf-Crme will be available as fountain pen and ballpen for a limited time. The stainless steel nib of the fountain pen M200 Caf-Crme and the decorative elements are gold-plated. Both the dark-brown pieces as well as the creamy colored barrel are made of polished high-quality resin.
You can see more information on all the current Pelikan Special Edition Pens here.

Lamy Al-Star Copper Orange 10th March, 2015: A new Special Edition colour for the Al-Star - Copper Orange. This finish will be available for a limited time only. I can offer it here with a free choice of nibs. Also available is the matching coloured Lamy ink cartridges.
You can see more information on the Lamy Als-Star and Safari pens here.
The Copper Orange ink cartrdiges can be found here.

Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road BearsMabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears 11th February, 2015: I have another new batch of Mabledon Road Bears on my website. All Mabledon Road Bears are lovingly hand made and are all one-off creations.
You can see more details on the whole range of Mabledon Road Bears that I currently have available here.

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