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Pelikan M805 Demonstrator Special Edition, engraved 18th June, 2015: Now in stock is the fabulous new Pelikan M805 Demonstrator pen. The Demonstrator as a completely transparent product was first launched to show how the piston mechanism works and soon became a huge success. Especially technically interested people are fascinated to see how the barrel fills with ink. After the last launch of the M800 Demonstrator in 2008, Pelikan now offers this unusual product as a Special Edition in the size 805, i.e. with palladium plated trimmings. To harmonize the optical appearance, the 18 carat gold nib is entirely covered by rhodium. Due to the high quality requirements of Pelikan and the fact that the attractiveness of this product is based on the completely transparent body, it is necessary to work with perfectly cleaned production machines, so that not a single color particle remains. This is the engraved version with technical descriptions in English. See the close-up photo below for details.
You can see more information on all current Pelikan Special Edition pens here.

Kaweco Brass Sport 4th June, 2015: We like brass. And so do Kaweco. New in, the Brass Sport. Hewn from solid brass, the Brass Sport pens take ruggedness and good looks to a new height. Tougher than the Al-Sport, and heavier too, this is a go-anywhere pen. Kaweco have left the brass unpolished, so it has a little texture to it and a really cool vintage look. Slip it in your pocket, and you're good to go.
You can see more information the Kaweco Sport range here.

Kaweco Liliput Fire Blue 4th June, 2015: Introducing the new Kaweco Liliput Fire fountain pen. Elegant Simplicity - more than just design and trend.It was in 1910 that KAWECO first produced a Liliput fountain pen of ebonite. The remake of this series is new made of solid brass as a fountain pen with a steel nib and as a matching ballpoint pen. Only 97mm long when closed, the Liliput is one of the smallest frountain pens that will accept standard ink cartridges. To make the distinctive and unique Fire Blue pattern, Kaweco have taken a steel liliput and subject it to intense and localised heat. When the pen cools, these patterns are revealed. Each pen has totally different patterns in blues, reds, yellows and browns. No two pens will be the same.
You can see more information the Kaweco Liliput range here.

Conklin Crescent Filler 1st June, 2015: Finally, I have the new colours in the Conklin Crescent Filler.The Conklin Pen Co. introduces the Mark Twain Crescent Collection, an exact replica of the original Conklin crescent filler used and promoted by Mark Twain.In 1903, MARK TWAIN, the legendary American author, began his relationship with The Conklin Pen Co, the great American pen manufacturer. As a spokesman for Conklin, Twain advertised and promoted the famous Conklin Crescent FillerMark Twain expressed the virtues of this unique self-filling fountain pen in a series of advertisements in which he stated "I prefer it to ten other fountain pens, because it carries its filler in its own stomach, and I can not mislay even by art or intention. Also, I prefer it because it is a profanity saver; it cannot roll off the desk."Made from a unique cellulose ascetate material. Each pen features chrome plated or rose gold plated accents and Mark Twain's famous signature on the band.
You can see more information the new Conklin Crescent Filler pens here.

Conklin All American 1st June, 2015: The second brand new Conklin model for today - the All American.The Conklin All American fountain pen comes with a cartridge/converter fill mechanism and a highly polished gold trim. The All American is large but not uncomfortable in the hand. The cap and barrel are tapered for perfect balance.The Conklin All American fountain pen comes in finishes that pay homage the classic designs of the vintage Conklin All AMerican. The Yellowstone finish with its yellow, brown and white resin, the bright sunburst orange and the classic tortoiseshell.The Conklin All American fountain pen is great for those who want a larger pen but want to stay true to the classic design of the original Conklin pens.
You can see more information the new Conklin All American pens here.

Conklin Duragraph 1st June, 2015: Announcing the new Conklin Duragraph.The Conklin Duragraph fountain pen was originally launched in 1923 and was considered the "definitive" pen. The name comes from a combination of the words durable and graph.The newly redesigned Conklin Duragraph brings a new fresh look to this timeless fountain pen. The pen is handcrafted from quality resins in three classic finishes. The top of the cap is embellished with Conklin Est. 1898. The band on the cap is engraved with the Duragraph script logo and three Conklin Cresent logos on both sides.The Conklin Duragraph fountain pen comes as a cartridge/converter style pen with the ink converter included.
You can see more information the new Conklin Duragraph pens here.

S. T. Dupont Streamline R 12th May, 2015: The second of the new S. T. Dupont models to be listed today - the beautiful Streamline R. A collection with a legendary design for the discerning connoisseur. Pared down and slightly curved lines give the pens in the Streamline R collection their remarkable generous appearance. This was one unshakeable characteristic for Streamline, the legendary movement which changed American industrial design in the 1930s forever. Inspired by a falling drop of water and its aerodynamic force, it evokes power and splendor. Ceramium A.C.T. (Advanced Ceramium Technology) a new revolutionary material for a perfect balance of the pen. Motivated by the single aim of offering the ultimate in pleasure and comfort, S. T. Dupont constantly develops materials and technologies which achieve benchmark status in the luxury goods sector. Ceramium A.C.T. is S. T. Dupont's most recent innovation, providing lightness and strength. A perfect gift in matte black or metallic grey, each pen is available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen versions. The fountain pen is equipped with a 14K gold nib. The Streamline R pen is sold with is amazing pen holder, echoing the shapes of motor cars from the Streamline era with a modern slant. It becomes a sophisticated decorative object and the perfect gift idea.
You can see more information the new S. T. Dupont Streamline R pens here.

S. T. Dupont Line D Ceramium 12th May, 2015: I have just had the new S. T. Dupont catalogue through, and this is the first of their new models for 2015; the Line D Ceramium Collection . S. T. Dupont's iconic models, the Elysee (Line D) Pen and the Ligne 2 lighter (previously available in genuine Chinee lacquer and precious metals), are hand crafted to guarantee impeccable quality and symbolise the importance of excellence. These models form the basis if the Ceramium collection, which incorporates Guilloche, one of S. T. Dupont's most established techniques, with an original and innovative finish unprecedented in the luxury sector: CERAMIUM A.C.T.
Ceramium A.C.T. (Advanced Ceramium Technology): the result of three years of research and development at S. T. Dupont's workshops, Ceramium is an alloy of aluminium and ceramic which offers some remarkable properties; not only is it shock-proof, scratch-proof and fire-resistant, it is above all extremely light. The lightness of the alloy has made it possible to reduce the weight of the pen by 40%. The writing instruments offer exceptional writing comfort which will be fully appreciated by connoisseurs. The Ceramium A.C.T. collection is available in three colours; black, dark grey and metallic grey.
You can see more information the new S. T. Dupont Line D Ceramium pens here.

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