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PA2041: Parker 75 Cisele Ballpoint, Sterling Silver.

Date: c1991

Size: Length - 5 1/16 inches.

A beautiful Parker 75 ballpoint in the most sought after sterling silver "Cisele" finish.  This is an French made Parker 75 with the gold plated "dimple" tassie top.  There is a date code on the cap band for 1991.  It is in excellent condition and I would be surprised if it has been used more than once or twice.  All the trim is gold plated.  The cap top tassie has the inset gold plated and dimpled disc and a Parker arrow pocket clip.  The polished cap band is imprinted "PARKER" and "FFRANCE" with the Parker arrow logo and a silver stamp.  This is a retractable ballpoint with a push action - you press down on the cap to extend and retract the writing point.  It is fitted with a black Parker ballpoint refill that works perfectly.  

I have fully serviced this pen.