Caran d'Ache RNX.316 Rollerball, Fibre

Caran d'Ache RNX.316 Rollerball, Fibre
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Brand: Caran d'Ache
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Caran d'Ache RNX.316 Rollerball, Fibre

With a rich legacy of expertise handed down over several generations, Caran d'Ache conceives and manufactures exceptional products with rigour and passion.  In the company's Geneva workshops, the art of fine writing is honoured with pens that are recognised worldwide for their combination of technical expertise and bold creativity.  These are also the qualities of the new RNX.316 collection which has been developed with innovative research into forms and materials.  This highly contemporary collection highlights the unique character of Caran d'Ache writing instruments and reveals their extra dimensions as emotive objects.  

"R" for Round

With its rounded form as a reminder of its origins, the RNX.316 collection combines comfort with performance.  Conceived as an extension of the writer's hand, this latest creation from La Maison de Haute Écritue has a design that is immediately captivating.

"N" for And

The alliance of innovation and expertise.  In a perfect marriage of design codes, the RNX.316 brings together the forms round and hexagonal in a new shape with "AND" as a link between the two.  Instead of choosing between technology and design, the discerning customer can enjoy the best of both worlds.  

"X" for Hexagonal

An element that compliments the form, the hexagonal geometry sculpted into the RNX.316 is a link to its origins, its DNA.  What makes it special is the ideal, stable grip it provides, which is reflected in the precision of the writing.

"316" a code for 316L steel

The high strength stainless steel of the RNX.316 collection guarantees that the writing instrument can withstand the stresses of repeated use.  its mechanical properties are complimented by its purity, created by precision polishing that immediately catches the eye.  Its hardness produces incomparable writing comfort thanks to the fountain pen nib which is also composed of stainless steel.  

The PVD vacuum coated nib is available in a choice of fine, medium or broad points.  The properties of the steel make it strong and flexible to use.  With its PVD coating, it glides smoothly over paper.  

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