CS734 Conway Stewart Churchill Celebration Rollerball.

CS734 Conway Stewart Churchill Celebration Rollerball.
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CS734 Conway Stewart Churchill Celebration Rollerball.

Date: c2010s

Size: Length - 5 5/8 inches capped; 7 1/16 inches posted.

The Churchill Celebration was a limited edition pen that was only available for a few months a year or two before Conway Stewart went out of business.  It is a very rare pen to find on the second-hand market.  This example is a rollerball - whilst not really advertised, Conway Stewart would make a rollerball on special request, and most of their fountain pen ranges were available as a rollerball too.  This pen is in excellent condition, and looks to have hardly been used.  There is a tiny, tiny scratch on the pocket clip plating at the shoulder, but that is really the only damage I can see on this pen.  The Churchill pen is a large and imposing writing instrument.  It has a large flat cap top, with the washer style Conway Stewart pocket clip.  The cap band around the cap lip is solid gold and bears a full hallmark to the rear.  What made the Churchill Celebration really stand out from the standard Churchill pen though is the lovely wavy hoop chasing to the barrel and cap which give it a really vintage feel.  This pen will accept stnadard capped rollerball refills.  If you remind me I will fit a fresh one to the pen before sending it out.  


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