CS736 Conway Stewart Nelson Ballpoint.

CS736 Conway Stewart Nelson Ballpoint.
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CS736 Conway Stewart Nelson Ballpoint.

Date: c2010s

Size: Length - 6 inches.

The Nelson pens were only available for a relatively short time, making their appearance on the second-hand market all too rare.  This glossy jet black ballpoint pen is in very good condition, with the only damage that I can see being a little plating wear to the gold plated point.  Conway Stewart only made ballpoints for a few years before discontinuing them altogether, and with the Nelson range being shortlived itself, the Nelson ballpoints are especially hard to find.  The cap has a conical ended top button with a washer-style Conway Stewart pocket clip.  There are no less than three solid gold bands at the cap lip; the lower and widest band is fully hallmarked.  There is a lovely clear and deep imprint on the barrel.  The barrel unscrews to allow the fitting of a standard Parker style refill.  The writing point extends with a twist of the cap, and retracts the same way.  



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