LL056 Life-Long Nickel Silver Pencil.

LL056 Life-Long Nickel Silver Pencil.
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LL056 Life-Long Nickel Silver Pencil.

Date: c1950s

Size: Length - 5 1/16 inches.

A lovely full-length nickel silver pencil.  This is in excellent condition with no dings or scratches or any other damage.  You twist the flat-topped crown to extend and retract the 1.18mm lead.  The crown also bears the pencil's imprint which is still in excellent condition being deep and crisp.  A bit further down is a slim, tapering pocket clip.  The barrel has been machine engraved with bands of the ever-popular barley pattern.  There is a cartouche on the barrel which remains clear.   The cone looks to be chrome plated.  Inside, there are a couple of spare leads stored in a magazine around the edges of the barrel.  The mechanism in in excellent condition and the pencil works perfectly.  

Beautiful condition and a very good looking 1950s pencil.

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