LM020 Lamy Dialog 2 Ballpoint, boxed.

LM020 Lamy Dialog 2 Ballpoint, boxed.
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LM020 Lamy Dialog 2 Ballpoint, boxed.

Date: c2000s

Size: Length - 5 11/16 inches.

This iconic Lamy Dialog 2 ballpoint pen is in excellent, undamaged condition and presented here with its original box.  The Dialog 2 is a metal ballpoint pen with a satin palladium plated finish.  It has a very ingenious extend/retract mechanism that works by twisting the pen.  When the point is out ready for writing, the pocket clip sits flush with the barrel so it doesn't get in the way.  When you retract the writing point, the back part of the pocket clip sits up and away from the barrel so it is easy then to clip it to your pocket.  The clip terminal has a little raised dot on it as does the adjacent part of the barrel below, so when the dots are lined up you know the point is out.  This is very useful as you can tell just by touch alone when putting the pen away if it has not been retracted.  This is a large ballpoint pen with a good heft and is superbly designed.  The slim wooden box has a magnetic closure and is also in excellent condition - there is a small dirty mark on the underside of the box, but that is it.  Inside is finished in black, with the "LAMY dialog 2" inscription along with the designer's name Knud Holscher.


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