MU001 Manu Propria Kiseru, boxed, Kuro Negoro. (Broad)

MU001 Manu Propria Kiseru, boxed, Kuro Negoro.  (Broad)
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MU001 Manu Propria Kiseru, boxed, Kuro Negoro. (Broad)

 Date: c2000s

Size: Length - 6 3/4 inches capped; 5 3/4 inches uncapped.

This is one of my old shop stock pens.  I have had it in stock for maybe 9 months, and it has spent all its time in its box so it is still in pristine condition.  This pen is supplied with full manufacturer's warranty and is in all respects a brand new pen.  

MANU PROPRIA fountain pens are hand turned with a manually-operated lathe and hand lacquered, manufactured one piece after the other. The nibs used, are 18 kt (750) gold made in Germany.  Handling a MANU PROPRIA fountain pen will make you deeply appreciative of the workmanship and the attention to detail that goes into crafting each pen.  Each pen comes with a secret maki-e signature, tastefully and subtly placed on the barrel end.  MANU PROPRIA fountain pens will keep their value and are very hard to find on the secondary market. You will particularly enjoy the fact that you are using a pen that very few people will recognise or even own.  MANU PROPRIA fountain pens are not the most expensive out there, but are valuable because of their relative scarcity and the knowledge and craftsmanship that goes into making each pen.

An ebonite Fountain Pen with Urushi Lacquer Finish hand made to order. The "Kiseru" design is simple and elegant with an oversized cap that almost completely envelops the barrel when screwed on.  The cap is not designed to post - indeed, it would be far too heavy and long - it is removed completely, and the "normal" sized pen inside is perfectly balanced and a great size and weight to use in its own.  The hand applied urushi lacquer is called Kuro Negoro.  

It consists of Nuri lacquerware with undercoats of red lacquer covered by coats of black lacquer.  It was used on vessels for food and drink offerings to the gods and buddhas, tableware and drinking vessels, tea utensils, and stationery came to be known as negoro. This term originates from Negoro-ji, a temple in Kishu.

First the foundations and 4 intermediate layers of red urushi „shû“ are applied. Every layer has to dry for 24 hours in the drying chamber „furô“ under constant temperature of 25°C and humidity of 80%. Before a new layer is brushed on, the previous layer has to be slightly ground smooth. Then 3 layers of pigmen- ted black „kuro“ urushi are applied. After drying 24 hours, the black layer is ground with abrasive paper and water up to grit 5000 to release the red under coat.

Then the surface is pre-polished called „dôzuri“ with rapseed oil and „tonoko“ a fine burned clay powder and soft cotton. After the lacquer is carefully cleaned from the oil, the final polishing process takes place starting with „uwazuri“, rubbing transparent high quality „kijiomi urushi“ onto the surface and wiping completely off again with paper and dried in the furô for 24 hours. This process is repeated 8 times because the „kijiomi urushi“ has to saturate the black pigments in the lacquer surface. Then the lacquer surface is polished with rapeseed oil and polishing powder „migako“ and the finger tips. After the surface has been cleaned carefully, again „kijomi urushi“ is rubbed on and wiped off completely. After 24 hours the surface is again polished with rapeseed oil and „migako“. Then „kijiomi urushi“ is rubbed on a last time and after 24 hours the lacquer is polished hard with migako and soft deer skin or the palms of the hands. The gloss on this lacquer is not as shiny as on „roiro-urushi“ because of the existence of pigments.

The 18carat gold nib is in a broad point.  You can unscrew the long gripping section to fit a standard International sized ink cartridge or a standard International sized ink converter.  A converter is already fitted to the pen.  In the large black box is a traditional white fabric pen pouch, and a certificate of authenticity.  

The current retail price of one of these pens is well in excess of £2000.00, so basically the cost of this pen is well under trade prices.  

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