OM008 Omas Extra Lucens Limited Edition, boxed. (Mediium)

OM008 Omas Extra Lucens Limited Edition, boxed.  (Mediium)
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OM008 Omas Extra Lucens Limited Edition, boxed. (Mediium)

Date: c2000s

Size: Length Capped - 5 3/8 inches; Posted - 7 inches.

An unused Extra Lucens, No. 40 of 331, from a valued Andy's Pens customer who is thinning out his collection.  This pen is still in excellent condition, it has never been inked, and is presented in its original box with all documentation and an unopened bottle of ink.  The only thing I would mention is a very slight roughness to the plating of the band adjacent to the filling knob at the end of the barrel.  You will need a loupe to spot this, and it in no way detracts from the appearance of the pen.  I rather think that it was most likeley to have been a production fault. The Omas Extra Lucens is a legendary pen amongst discerning collectors.  This may be your last chance to get such a fine example.  The pen's shape is similar to the standard Paragon pen, with its multi-faceted cap and barrel, but the Extra Lucens is made from a beautifully marbled celluloid.  The cap and filling knob are solid black with delicate gold veining.  The barrel is semi-translucent with black and gold marbling.  The translucent barrel allows you to see the piston filler operating and lets you know how much ink you have left in the pen with a glance.  The cap top is conical-shaped, leading down to the classic Omas gold plated pocket clip with a wheel terminal.  Around the cap lip are three narrow gold plated bands.  This is a piston filled pen, so twist the barrel end blind cap to operate the filling piston.  The lovely 14ct gold Omas nib is in a medium point.  The original box is enclosed by a black card outer case.  The silver-grey lid lifts off to reveal an unusual raised grey flocked pad.  The pen rests in a grey pouch, and a bottle of Omas ink sits in a niche at the corner.  Below the pad is the original paperwork.  

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