ON120 Onoto The Pen. (Soft Medium)

ON120 Onoto The Pen.  (Soft Medium)
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ON120 Onoto The Pen. (Soft Medium)

Date: c1930s

Size: Capped - 5 3/8 inches; posted - 6 13/16 inches

A very pretty Onoto plunger filler in green marbled celluloid, and in very good condition.  I can see a little plating wear to the upper surface of the spherical pocket clip terminal, and also there is some colour fading to the barrel end blind cap, and the cap top button.  Other than that, the p[en is in great condition with a scratch-free glossy barrel and cap.  The cap has is in the "streamlined" style, and tapes quite markedly toward the top, where there is a larger black hard rubber button that holds on the washer-style pocket clip.  This is gold filled, has the TDLR cypher at the shoulder, and a spherical ball terminal at the bottom.  The cap has a single gold filled band at the lip.  The barrel exhibits a large, and clear imprint.  The long, slim finger grip is also made from hard rubber and this retains its deep black hue.  The No. 3/ST Onoto nib is made from 14ct gold, and is in a medium point. 

I have fully serviced this pen.  The plunger filler works well, filling the pen with a single stroke as it should.  The nib has a little softness and will provide for a tiny bit of line width variation as you write.  

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