PA2475 Parker 51 Pencil, boxed.

PA2475 Parker 51 Pencil, boxed.
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PA2475 Parker 51 Pencil, boxed.

Date: c1960s

Size: Length - 5 1/4nches.

I really was in two minds whether to even list this item, as you can see the problem with the plating wear to the cap.  The fact is, though, that on the rolled silver caps you almost always see plating wear to some extent, and the rolled silver cap is one of the more unusual types that you can get on a UK made Parker 51.  Apart from the cap, the pen is in very nice condition and being in its box for most of its life has protected it well.  

The cap has a rolled gold Parker arrow pocket clip with a rolled gold tassie and a clear grey top "jewel".  The cap pulls off to reveal the bare stub of the original pink eraser.  The barrel is in a lovely teal colour, and the point is chrome plated with the scored hoops decoration that marks it out as a clutch -style pencil.  So, you press down on the cap to open the clutch and allow the 0.9mm lead to either extend or you can retract it with your thumb.  The original box is in excellent condition, with the instruction sheet still inside, and very unusually, the white card outer slip case, though this has discoloured at the edges with age.  

I have fully serviced this pencil.  It works perfectly.

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