PA2478 Parker Lucky Curve Duolfold Senior (Broad Stub)

PA2478 Parker Lucky Curve Duolfold Senior (Broad Stub)
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PA2478 Parker Lucky Curve Duolfold Senior (Broad Stub)

Date: c1920s

Size: Length Capped - 5 3/8 inches; Length Posted - 6 13/16 inches.

An impressive Flat-Top Duofold Senior from around 1928 or 1929. It is in very good, glossy condition, with the only damage being some plating wear, mainly to the pocket clip, and the usual discolouration to the barrel and cap.  This is more pronounced on the barrel with the white pearl parts now a pale caramel colour.  The cap has fared better with the discolouration only in the centre, leaving the two ends to be very close to their original colour. All the coloured Permanite pens are liable to darken over time, but the colour change on this one is relatively minor, especially with the Pearl and Black colour, which is particularly susceptible. The cap has a large, flat, black, knurled-edge top button that holds on the washer-style Parker pocket clip.  This has the 1916 patent date at the shoulder, the PARKER imprint down the stem and a ball at the end.  Most of the plating is gone to the clip, but it still pollishes up nicely, and with regular use, it will stay that way.  Below the pocket clip are a trio of gold filled cap bands.  The barrel has a very good clear imprint, and at the end is a blind cap that unscrews to reveal the original filling button.  The button fill mechanism is all present and correct and works perfectly.  The pen is fitted with its original and "correct" spear feed, and the original Parker Duofold nib too.  This big shovel of a nib has a broad stub point.

I have fully serviced this pen.  It fills well and writes very smoothly.  The nib is extremely expressive, and will produce some effortless and very attractive line width variation from a fine to a good generous broad.  

A real classic pen.  What Parker collection is complete without a Senior Duofold, and this pearl and black example writes brilliantly.


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