SH1519 Sheaffer No, 3-25. (Fine)

SH1519 Sheaffer No, 3-25. (Fine)
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SH1519 Sheaffer No, 3-25. (Fine)

Date: c1920s

Size: Capped - 4 9/16 inches; posted - 5 13/16 inches.

A beautiful chunky little Sheaffer flat-top pen in Jade green Radite.  You can see the fault with this pen straight away, as whilst the cap is the beautiful bright green Jade colour, the barrel has darkened to a rather muddy green-brown.  This is, unfortunately, very common with these pens and is due to the ink sac slowly degrading over many years, and giving off sulphur vapour, which reacts with the Radite in the barrel.  Otherwise, both barrel and cap are glossy with no noticeable scratches or other damage.  The gold filled trim is all bright and shiny.  The flat-topped cap has a long, gold-filled Sheaffer's ball-ended pocket clip that is the earlier straight variety with no central hump in the stem.  Near the cap lip is a single gold filled cap lip band.  The barrel imprint is very sharp and still deep with a latest patent date of 1914.  Opposite, the gold filled filling lever has a tiny bit of discolouration at the forward end.  The section is in black hard rubber and has no damage.  It has a very nice deep, rich black colour.  The nib, a lovely little Sheaffer's 3-25 is shiny and undamaged and in a fine point.

I have fully serviced this pen.  A very well-balanced pen that writes extremely smoothly.  It produces a lovely wet, fine line.  

A classic Sheaffer.

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