TM006 Tombow Zoom 890 Fountain Pen, boxed. (Medium).

TM006 Tombow Zoom 890 Fountain Pen, boxed. (Medium).
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TM006 Tombow Zoom 890 Fountain Pen, boxed. (Medium).

Date: c2001

Size: Length Capped - 5 5/8 inches; Uncapped - 4 15/16 inches.

A very unusual Tombow Zoom 890 in the purple-blue colour.  The Zoom 890 was only made for a couple of years around the turn of the millennium, so it is rather unusual to find these days.  This pen is in very good condition, with the only damage that I can see being a small radial scratch around the end of the barrel where the cap has been posted.  This is a very, very common problem with these pens and may have been the reason why it was discontinued so quickly.  Every one of the pens from this model that I have seen that have been used have this scratch.  In all other respects, this pen is undamaged.  The slightly textured anodised aluminium barrel and cap are in a very attractive purple-blue colour, with a  black finger grip.  The cap has a slanting top with a black button.  An unusual feature of this cap is that the pocket clip extends beyond the cap lip.  The cap screws onto the pen, and the metal threads lie just behind the nib, well out of the way of the gripping region.  The nib itself is stainless steel and in a medium point.  The original black metal box has the usual black foam interior.  Below the foam insert is the original instruction sheet and till receipt for the original purchase of the pen.  This is dated to 2001.  

I have fully serviced this pen.  It works perfectly. The nib is very smooth and writes with a lovely wet and consistent medium width line.

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