WN001 Waldmann Tuscany Ballpoint, boxed.

WN001 Waldmann Tuscany Ballpoint, boxed.
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WN001 Waldmann Tuscany Ballpoint, boxed.

Date: c2000s

Size: Length - 5 1/2 inches.

What a fantastic little pen this is!  Waldmann are rightly famous for their silver pens, and this one is a cracker.  Cap and barrel are both sterling silver.  The cap is rose gold plated, and the barrel is plated with a chocolate coloured PVD coating that compliments the rose gold perfectly.  The cap has a slightly slanting top button and a very robust looking squared-off pocket clip with the Waldmann logo at the shoulder.  The boy of the cap is decorated with vertical fluting.  To the side of the cap is a space for the engraving of a name or initials.  Around the cap lip is impressed "Waldmann - Germany - 925".  The point is also rose gold plated.  When you unscrew the barrel, a little sign of quality is that the ferrule inside that you never actually see is also plated with rose gold.  The pen will accept a standard Parker/G2 refill and it is currently fitted with its original Waldmann blue refill that works perfectly.  The pen and box are both in near pristine and, I think, unused condition.  The large presentation box has a matte black exterior with a contrasting white interior.  There is a little plastic tag in the box that says "Sterling Silver 925 Made in Germany".  The white card outer slipcase is also still present and that also in nice condition with just a little bit of creasing and scuffing to the corners.

One of my favourite pieces.  A lovely little pen.    

A very attractive predominantly orange Marlen Asia ballpoint pen in its original box.  Although I don't think this pen has ever been used, there is a tiny scratch on the sterling silver cap band.  I have taken a close-up photo if the scratch so you can see it.  You would probably never notice it unless using some kind of magnifier.  The pen has a stepped cap top with a small inset silver disc that has the Marlen nib logo impressed into it.  The ornate silver pocket clip has a roller terminal.  It has a very narrow gold plated band above and below, and imprinted onto the band is "Continenti Asia - Collexioni Marlen".  The point is also sterling silver.  The barrel is in burnt orange coloured pearlised resin with a very unusual and attractive stripe down each side made from a pinkish resin with deep purple rectangles.  The cap unscrews to allow the fitting of a standard Parker/G2 refill.  The pen has a working refill in it and a spare refill in the box.  This has a black leatherette outer with a white satin lid lining and a black flocked pad.    The white outer slip-case is also included - this has some creases and a little scuffing to the corners.  

All in all, a lovely and quality pen at a very good price.  

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