PA2496 Parker Duofold Junior Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, boxed. (Semi-Flexible Fine)

PA2496 Parker Duofold Junior Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, boxed. (Semi-Flexible Fine)
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PA2496 Parker Duofold Junior Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, boxed. (Semi-Flexible Fine)

Date: c1950s

Size: Capped - 5 3/8 inches; posted - 6 1/4 inches.

This lovely glossy India Black Duofold set is in excellent condition.  Both pieces are free from cracks, chips and splits.  They have a beautiful glossy sheen and there are not even any noticeable surface scratches.  This is an example of the earlier style of Duofold Junior with the Parker arrow pocket clips and the rolled gold "Deco" engraved cap lip bands.  The caps have a black top "jewel".  All the trim is undamaged with no plate loss at all.  Looking over the set, I can't believe it has been used more than once or twice at most.  The pencil eraser appears to be unused, and the pli-glass ink sac as clear as a bell, indicating to me that it may never have actually had a fill if ink in its life. 

Fountain Pen

The barrel imprint is nice and bold and easily read.  The 14 carat yellow gold Parker No. 10 nib is undamaged and in a fine point.  It has a large blob of iridium at the tip and will last for donkey's years.  The aerometric filler is accessed by unscrewing the barrel.  It is also undamaged with the original pliglass ink sac which shows absolutely no internal ink staining at all.  The sac guard is chrome plated.  It is nice and shiny and shows none of the usual discolouration.

The ubiquitous No. 3 Duofold Pencil.  This was paired with all the Duofold range from the Slimfold up to the Duofold Maxima.  Like the pen, it is in excellent condition.  I have installed a fresh 0.9mm lead into the mechanism so it is all ready to go.  The cap pulls off to reveal the original unused pink eraser.  There is also an imprint on the pencil and it., too, is clear, crisp and deep.


The classic polka dot 1950s Parker box.  The pad is made of white satin.  The box is in very good condition, but has some graffiti on the lid.  Inside is the original instruction sheet.

I have fully serviced this set.  The fountain pen writes very smoothly and produces a wet and consistent fine width line.  Very unusually for a Junior Duofold, it is a semi-flexible nib which will give you some beautiful looking line width variation from a fine all the way to a broad with very little effort on your part.   

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