PA2498 Parker Classic Insignia Ballpoint and Pencil set, boxed.

PA2498 Parker Classic Insignia Ballpoint and Pencil set, boxed.
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PA2498 Parker Classic Insignia Ballpoint and Pencil set, boxed.

Date: c1980s

Size: Length - 5 3/8 inches.

The Parker Classic was introduced in 1986 to replace the Parker 105 range of pens.  This Classic set is in the beautiful Insignia finish of 22ct gold plate to the entire pen.  This is further adorned with vertical line chasing.  This is a most unusual set in that the pencil is fitted with the Parker Cartridge Lead REfill, which I guess would have been a cost-saving move on Parker's part.  The cartridge will it into any Parker ballpoint pen and convert it into a pencil.  This meant that Parker didn't have to make a dedicated pencil, thus saving on manufacturing and design costs.  The leads in the cartridge are the very unusual 1.05mm - I have included a full pack of these with the set, but you can also use 1mm lead reliably, I have been informed.   Both pen and pencil are in excellent and as far as I can see, totally undamaged condition.  


This is a retractable ballpoint with a press-button top.  It is fitted with its original Parker ballpoint refill and works perfectly.  


Again, a push-button mechanism that works similar to a clutch pencil.  Extend only, and you push the excess lead back in with your thumb.  


The original paperboard box in brown faux leather finish,  The edges of the lid are bound in brass for added strength.  Inside, the pad is made from red velvet.  Included is the original guarantee sheet.  Also, and very unusually, present is the red, white and blue outer slipcase with the original price label on the end confirming that the set is correct as a ballpoint and cartridge pencil.  

I have fully serviced this pen set.  Both pieces work perfectly. 

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