Visconti Vertigo Ballpoint, Total Black

Visconti Vertigo Ballpoint, Total Black
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Brand: Visconti
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Visconti Vertigo Ballpoint, Total Black


Visconti has the ability to create recognizable and long-lasting pen shapes, as in the case of the Opera collection, where materials and dimensions varied in a decade of production, but the shape and style of the pen remained the same and unique.  While, with Vertigo, Visconti's designers have created a model which doesn't hide its inspiration to the company's best traditions, but at the same time Vertigo brings a new perception. The special manufacturing of the cap and of the body creates reflective plane surfaces which run one after the other, causing a continuous change of the points of view, with a perspective's changes which almost lead to a sense of vertigo. 


For the first time in Visconti, this pen combines the convenience of the magnetic lock with a recall system indexed between the body and the cap, designed to keep in line the 8 alternating inclination levels which make the design of the pen to be so unique.  About the nibs we have several important news:

- Vertigo is the first pen of Visconti to be available with more than one nib type;
- one nib is the new high-performance steel nib of Visconti: nice shape, and one of the best performing steel nibs available.
- The other new nib combines a classic steel structure with solid 14ct gold elements, thus joining the preciousness and flexibility of gold to the perfection of steel. 

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