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WE430: Eversharp Fifth Avenue Fountain Pen and Pencil Set.

Date: 1943-1947

Size: Capped - 5 3/16 inches; posted - 5 7/8 inches.

A very nice very jet black 5th Avenue pen set.  This set is in a glossy jet black colour with shiny thick gold filled caps and trim.  The set is in excellent condition.  The only damage that I can find being plating wear to the gold filled point on the pencil.  The barrels and hood have no cracks, splits or chips and not even any noticeable surface scratches.  The caps are short and decorated with incised hoops.  They bear the "Eversharp" name around the top.  The pocket clips are substantial, also gold filled and with the Eversharp double tick mark - their symbol of a lifetime guarantee.

Fountain Pen

The barrel end is gold filled and also decorated with the incised hoops.  The filling lever - also gold filled - has no damage as far as I can see.  The "hood" or section is nicely shaped for a good comfortable grip and the lovely little nib is a fine  point.  


This is a push-button repeater or clutch type pencil.  The top button pulls off and there is the original half-used pink eraser on the underside.  There are no spare leads below but I have fitted a fresh 1.1mm lead into the mechanism.  

I have fully restored this set.  The nib is very smooth and writes with a lovely wet and consistent fine width line.  The pencil works very well indeed.