Dikawen 8012 Fountain Pen, Black

Dikawen 8012 Fountain Pen,  Black
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  • Brand: Dikawen
  • Product Code: DI_8012_BK
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Dikawen 8012 Fountain Pen, Black

Size: Length - 142mm capped; 168posted. Max diameter - 20mm

Even by today's standards, this is a large pen.  It has a good weight and is not top-heavy even with the cap posted.  It has all gold plated trim with a very attractive white stone set into the pocket clip terminal.  This pen is metal-based with a glossy black over lacquer.  The black resin section has some lovely textured detailing which affords a good positive grip when writing.  

This is a cartridge/converter pen.  You unscrew the barrel to fit wither a standard international size cartridge or you can use the original standard ink converter that is included with the pen.

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