JH355 Jinhao Olympic Torch Commemorative, boxed. (Medium)

JH355 Jinhao Olympic Torch Commemorative, boxed. (Medium)
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JH355 Jinhao Olympic Torch Commemorative, boxed. (Medium)

Date: c2008

Size: Length - 143mm capped; 167mm posted.

A lovely chunky oversized Chinese fountain pen.  This is a special edition pen made to mark the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  It is presented in its original solid wooden box, with an instruction booklet, and outer slip case.  This pen is new old-stock, and has never been used.  Needless the say there is no damage on this pen.  Both barrel and cap are made from a very attractive and deeply lustrous black lacquer applied to a metal base.  The pen has a very good heft and is very well balanced for writing.  With the cap in place, the pen has the shape of a torch with the handle at the end of the barrel.  The cap has a domed black "jewel" at the top, with a very substantial pocket clip.  This has a torch emblem imprinted down the stem, and the terminal is square and mounted with a blue stone.  The feel and fit of this pen is excellent.  The steel nib is partly gold plated and is imprinted with the Jinhao dragon logo.  This is a cartridge/converter pen.  You unscrew the barrel to fit either a standard international size cartridge or you can use the original standard ink converter that is already fitted.  The box is made from a lovely pale coloured wood.  The pad is made from a stiff cream coloured felt.  Inside the box is the instruction booklet and covering it the original outer slip case.  

The large nib on this pen is lovely and smooth - if anything, these Jinhao pens are even better writers than the Heros - and writes with a good wet and consistent medium width line. 

A very distinctive and high quality pen.

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