MS737 A. W. Faber "Independent" Stylographic Pen, boxed.

MS737 A. W. Faber "Independent" Stylographic Pen, boxed.
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MS737 A. W. Faber "Independent" Stylographic Pen, boxed.

Date: c1910s

Size: Length - 130mm capped; 155mm posted.

An unusual glossy black hard rubber eyedropper fill stylographic pen.  It is in excellent condition with no damage at all noted.  The friction fit cap and barrel are plain and unchased.  The barrel imprint is very crisp and deep with no noticeable wear.  You can unscrew the cone for filling, and you will see the original needle is still in excellent condition.  The threads are still nice and tight and ink-proof, though a little silicone grease smeared on the threads will prevent wear as you use the pen.  An unusual feature of this pen is a knurled ring at the end of the barrel which can be rotated between two stops.  In one position a little breather hole is opened, and in the other position it is covered.  I can only imagine that this is something to do with ink flow regulation, but during testing it did not seem to make any difference.  The box, whilst showing a very similar looking pen on the lid, does not seem to go with this pen, though I would say it was of the same period and rather complements the pen.

I have fully serviced this pen.  It works well with a good fine to medium width line, though it can be a bit scratchy as a lot of these earlier stylos were.

A very unusual item.  I see very few of these early stylos, and this one is from the U. S. too, making it rather rare over here.

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