Napkin Everlasting Pencils

We’ll tell you about the history of Napkin 4.EVER as we’ve lived it: the development of an idea that, through a hard way, has become a perfect object, finished, complete in every detail.  The vision is inspired by an icon of Italian creativity: Leonardo da Vinci, master of technique and art.  He used to draw his projects with a pure silvered tip stylus that left an indelible mark on a particular paper made from a specific process. We were fascinated and really interested in this kind of ancient writing method and so we decided to relive this experience. We created an innovative, essential and modern object with an ancient and romantic spirit: an emblem of artistic inspiration and practical rationality.

The first prototype that we realized was overdone: it wasn’t ergonomic nor usable. From these points of weakness we realized that Napkin 4.EVER would’t be a common pencil but a symbol, a revolutionary product. It would be the spirit of creativity, a useful tool for describing on paper, personal projects, drawings and ideas. Thanks to the experience given by the designer Sergio Mori we were able to create an essential product, ancient and modern all at once, etern. After the GranDesignEtico 2012 Special Mention we realized that our dream could become the dream of many people, a great product for every creative and brilliant person.
Napkin 4.EVER is the summary of italian passion, style and genius.

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