PA3203 Parker Slimfold. (Soft Medium)

PA3203 Parker Slimfold.  (Soft Medium)
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PA3203 Parker Slimfold. (Soft Medium)

Date: c1960

Size: Capped - 127mm; posted - 146mm.

This lovely glossy jet black Slimfold is in excellent condition.  Both barrel and cap are free from cracks, chips and splits.  They have a beautiful glossy sheen and have no scratches or other blemishes at all.  This is an example of the early style of Slimfold with the more detailed clip design and the "deco" engraved rolled gold cap band.  The cap has a black top "jewel", and a rolled gold Parker arrow pocket clip.  All the trim is undamaged with no plate loss at all.   The 14 carat yellow gold Parker No. 5 nib is also undamaged and in a medium point.  The aerometric filler is accessed by unscrewing the barrel.  It is also undamaged with the original pliglass ink sac which shows only a slight colour caste and retains much of its original transparency.  The sac guard is chrome plated.  It is nice and shiny and shows no plating wear.  I can in fact find no damage at all on this pen. 

I have fully serviced this pen.  It writes very smoothly and produces a wet and medium width line.  The nib is also fairly soft and will manage a little understated line width variation as you write.

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