PA3205 Parker Sonnet Lacque Noir Pencil.

PA3205 Parker Sonnet Lacque Noir Pencil.
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PA3205 Parker Sonnet Lacque Noir Pencil.

Date: c2007

Size: Length - 135mm.

A lovely black lacquer finished Sonnet pencil.  This pencil is in excellent condition. As far as I can see it is totally undamaged with not even any of the usual micro-scratches that these pens always seem to pick up with any kind of use.  Generally, with these French-made pens, the plating was not that well applied to start with and it is very common for it to thin during use, but the plating on this pen still looks pristine.  The cap top has a black jewel, that is surrounded by a gold-plated tassie from which depends the Parker arrow pocket clip, also gold plated.  The imprint is on the wide gold plated cap lip band - this one was made in France, and the date code suggests a 2007 manufacture date.  The cap pulls off to reveal an apparently unused pink eraser, below which are several spare 0.5mm leads.  This is a twist-operated pencil, you turn the cap to "click" out the lead.  Turn and hold the cap, and push the lead back in with your thumb.   

I have fully serviced this pencil.  It works perfectly.

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