PenBBS No. 489 Touchdown Fill Fountain Pen, Summer

PenBBS No. 489 Touchdown Fill Fountain Pen, Summer
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  • Brand: PenBBS
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PenBBS No. 489 Touchdown Fill Fountain Pen, Summer

Size: Length - 140mm capped; 165mm inches posted; 14mm max. diameter.

I never thought another company would attempt a Touchdown filler, but here it is.  The build quality of this pen is amazing, as it needs to be for the pneumatic Touchdown filler to work as well as it does.  This pen is a tour-de-force .  It has a great size, great balance, whether posted or not, and a lovely weight - not too heavy, but with a reassuring heft in the hand.  To fill this pen, you unscrew the barrel end and pull out to extend the filler plunger and prime the pneumatic mechanism. Immerse the the nib ink, and push the plunger home to expel the air from the internal ink sac.  Leave the nib in the ink for 10 seconds or so to complete the fill.   It is a partial demonstrator with a beautiful semi-translucent patterned barrel, cap and gripping section.  The No. 6 Pen BBS nib is made from stainless steel and in a fine point.   

The pen comes packaged in a presentation box.

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