TW003 TWSBI ECO, boxed. (Fine)

TW003 TWSBI ECO, boxed.  (Fine)
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TW003 TWSBI ECO, boxed. (Fine)

Date: c2000s

Size: Length - 139mm capped; 170mm posted.

A very well engineered and solid feeling TWSBI pen from Taiwan.  This pen has a clear barrel and gripping section and a glossy black cap.  You can see the differential piston filler working through the clear barrel and you can also see the nib and feed through the clear gripping section.  It is in excellent condition and looks like it has hardly been used.  I can see the faintest color casteto the forward end of the barrel, and that's about it.  The pen has a red cap top, a robust chrome plated pocket clip with a central pierced slot and a wide chrome plated cap lip band.  The cap band bears the pen's imprint.  At the end of the barrel is the blind cap which you twist to operate the filling piston.  The original box has a clear plastic base and lid.  It too is in excellent condition.  The nib is stainless steel and in a fine point.  In the box is the original red plastic spanner and bottle of silicone grease for pen maintenance.  The outer slipcase is still present and the instruction sheet is also in the box. 

I have fully serviced this pen.  It writes very well with a good wet and consistent line that is on the broad side of fine in width.    

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