Usus io Ballpoint, Red

Usus io Ballpoint, Red
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Brand: Usus
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Usus io Ballpoint, Red

The USUS io ballpoint uses a patented micro-magnet technology to achieve a retractible ballpoint mechanism with no moving parts!  The two halves of the pen's body are held together by powerful but tiny magnets.  When you want to extend or retract the writing point you just twist the two halves of the body in opposite directions.  Each pen is presented in its own gift box and includes a removable pocket clip.  The USU io pens will accept any Parker style, G2 or P900 refill, so there is a huge choice of ballpoint, gel, rollerball, etc. refills that are available.

The USU io range is mage from solid aluminium in four different finishes.  

Red: A satin red aluminium finish with a silver centre and subtly decorated with tiny ridges to give you a good positive grip.

Dimensions: Length - 133mm approx.; Max Diameter - 13mm approx.

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