Varuna Ebonite Pens

Andy's Pens present Varuna Fountain Pens from India! These pens are simply the finest quality Indian ebonite fountain pens that we have found and we are very pleased to be able to offer them to our customers. Andy's Pens is the exclusive UK and worldwide seller of Varuna Fountain Pens.

Cutting ebonite rod stock to length is the first step in making any Varuna pen.
Like many custom pen makers in the West, care and attention to detail is paramount. Here a craftsman is fashioning a pen barrel from a solid rod of ebonite.
M.S. Pandurangan, a master penmaker for more than 30 years, puts the finishing touches to a Varuna pen on the polishing wheel.

VarunaTM Pens are not mass produced. They are made one pen at a time by hand. The fit of these pens could only be achieved by master craftsmen. They have a vintage look and feel to them, but have the advantage of modern feed systems and moden Indian-made Wality gold plated nibs in a fine point. Because they are all hand-turned on a manual lathe, the pens are not totally uniform as most mass-produced pens are. Your pen, if it is in a mottled colour, will have a unique pattern in the ebonite. It will probably not be exactly the same length or diameter as the next pen to be produced, and there may be a slight inconsistencies in the finish of the ebonite. These are rustic pens, but you will also be able to admire the superb fit, and the lovely smooth Wality nib.

I can now offer most ranges of Varuna pens with a superior quality iridium-tipped German nib in fine, medium or broad widths. The German nibs are a screw-in unit that fits inside a custom ebonite Varuna section. It allows unparalleled flexibility in that the pen can be used with standard "international" sized ink cartridges, as standard ink converter (included), or if you still prefer the eyedropper's huge ink capacity, you can remove both cartridge and converter and use it as an eyedropper.

Bakul Finish

The very distinctive Bakul finish is achieved totally by hand and is an extra process carried out after the pen has been completed. It consists of two stages whereby the Bakul texture is applied to the surface of the pen and a final stage of light polishing to give the pen its silky sheen. The finish has been described as resembling the grain of wood and/or tree bark, and so we have decided to adopt the name "Bakul," in honor of an Indian tree species by that name, and is a very tactile finish with a softer feel than the smooth polished pens. 


All Varuna pens are fully guaranteed.

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