ME228 Mentmore Diploma (Medium)

ME228 Mentmore Diploma (Medium)
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ME228 Mentmore Diploma (Medium)

Date: c1950s

Size: Length - 132mm capped; 159mm posted.

This is a good looking glossy jet black Diploma.  Both cap and barrel have a very good glossy appearance with no noticeable scratching, but the pen is let down a little bit by the brassing to the pocket clip and partial brassing to the cap band.  This is an example of the more sought-after button filling Diploma - they also made this pen as a lever filler.  The cap has a flat gold plated top button and a large nicely shaped gold plated pocket clip decorated with vertical fluting.  As you can see, the plating has nearly all been worn off the pocket clip, which s easily done with these pens as it would have been very thin plating to begin with.   The wide gold filled cap band is similarly decorated, and also has some plating wear, mainly to the lower edge.  The barrel end blind cap is unscrewed to reveal the original brass filling button.  The barrel imprint is excellent - deep and sharp.  The semi-hooded nib is in 14 carat gold and looks to be a medium point.  

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is very smooth and writes with a good wet and medium width line.

Not the best Diploma I have ever seen condition-wise, but a very nice writer nonetheless.

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