AC587 Brass and Oak Desk Perpetual Calendar

AC587 Brass and Oak Desk Perpetual Calendar
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AC587 Brass and Oak Desk Perpetual Calendar

Date: c1930

Size: Base approx 210mm by 50mm. Total height approx. 140mm. 

A beautiful older desk calendar with an oak carcase and gilded brass front.  This calendar is in very good condition.  Somebody in the past has been a bit too enthusiastic with the brasso, as the golding has worn off some of the brass surround, and there is light foxing to some of the date cards, but apart from that, this item is in lovely condition and fully working.  The two knobs at the top are used to wind a clear acetate sheet back and forth on which has been printed translucent red lines which "cross off" dates as you turn the knobs.  At the back is a wooden door with brass catches to either side, brass hinges, and a little brass knob in the centre.  Opening this gives access to the four double-sided date cards.  Each month, you choose the appropriate card and each date, reset the red marker to the correct date.  On the underside of the base is the remains of a red leather covering to prevent scratches on your polished oak desk! 

I really love this calendar.  If I have the room on my desk I would be keeping it for myself.  

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