AC594 Stratton Fonopad Personal Directory, boxed.

AC594 Stratton Fonopad Personal Directory, boxed.
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AC594 Stratton Fonopad Personal Directory, boxed.

Date: c1960s

Size: Base approx 158mm by 90mm. 

A rather unusual item that looks to have never actually been used.  It is still in its original box, and wrapped in its original cellophane sleeve.   The telephone directory/address book inside has all un-written-on pages, and everything is in lovely condition with no damage noted anywhere.  The gadget works by first dialing the initial letter of the person you want to look up on the lid, then pressing the black retaining button, which released the spring-loaded upper part and displays the desired page.  When you close the upper part a small tab engages under the edge of the black button to fix it closed.  This is a rather up-market model with a gold plated outer - usually, these are either white or black plastic.  It seems to be very sturdily constructed and was certainly built to last.  

This is a lovely retro-style and still useful item.

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