BU115 Burnham No. 56 Fountain Pen and Pencil Set. (Medium)

BU115 Burnham No. 56 Fountain Pen and Pencil Set. (Medium)
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BU115 Burnham No. 56 Fountain Pen and Pencil Set. (Medium)

Date: c1950s

Size: Capped - 125mm; posted - 146mm.

This beautiful glossy casein pen set has a really lovely marbled pattern of light and deep blue with black veining.  This set is in very good condition.  The fountain pen appears to be completely undamaged; the pencil has some foxing to the plating on the point, and some wear to the gold wash on the raised parts of the pocket clip.  This is only too common with these pens and pencils.  The caps have a gold plated top button that holds on the tapered Burnham pocket clip.  There are also two narrow gold plated cap bands.  

Fountain Pen

The barrel imprint is crisp and clear with no noticeable wear.  Opposite, the gold-plated filling lever still has all of its gold plating and is unmarked.  The nib is the original Burnham and made from 14-carat gold.  It is in a medium point.


A propel-repel pencil that works by twisting the gold plated cone.  The cap unscrews to reveal an unused pink eraser.  I have also installed a fresh 1.18mm lead into the mechanism so all is ready to go.  

I have fully serviced this set.  The pen nib is very smooth in action and writes very well with a lovely wet and consistent line. .

A really beautiful set.

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