CS809 Conway Stewart Nippy Pencil.

CS809 Conway Stewart Nippy Pencil.
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CS809 Conway Stewart Nippy Pencil.

Date: c1930s

Size: 4 3/16 inches.

A lovely glossy Nippy pencil in the rather rare "mauve toothpaste" colourway.  This pencil is in excellent condition and with the only damage being some very minor plating wear to two gold plated bands.  There are no splits, cracks or chips and not even any noticeable surface scratches.  The black plastic top flares out toward the end and has a knurled rim.  It can be unscrewed, and beneath is a space where you can store spare 1.18mm leads.  On the barrel is a very nice large imprint which still has some of its original gold infill, which is very unusual to see.  The black plastic point can be twisted to extend and retract the 1.18mm lead.  This is a rather unusual and very beautiful 1930s pencil.  

I have fully restored this pencil.  It is a propel-repel pencil and it works very smoothly by rotating the black point.  I have installed a fresh 1.18mm lead.

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