CS926 Conway Stewart No. 58 Duro. (Soft Fine)

CS926 Conway Stewart No. 58 Duro. (Soft Fine)
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CS926 Conway Stewart No. 58 Duro. (Soft Fine)

Date: c1950

Size: Capped - 130mm, posted - 157mm.

A top-flight pen from Conway Stewart, this is an early model 58 fountain pen made from glossy silver, grey and black hatched celluloid and fitted with a superb Conway Stewart 58 Duro nib.  This pen is in excellent condition with no noticeable scratches to either cap or barrel, it is beautifully glossy and can not have been much used.  Unusually, the gold plated trim is also in lovely, unmarked condition.  There doesn't even appear to be any wear to the black enamel on the cap top jewel.  The cap has a black enamelled aluminium conical end "jewel" with a gold plated bezel, three cap bands, and long straight pocket clip.  The clip has the "CS" logo at the top within a diamond-shaped cartouche and another diamond at the bottom.  The barrel imprint is very crisp and still quite deep.  It is fitted with a short gold filled filling lever with a diamond and "CS" logo imprinted within the circular end tab.  The glossy black section holds the super No. 58 Duro Conway Stewart nib, which is 14 carat gold, undamaged, and in a fine point.

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is very smooth in use and produces an excellent wet and consistent fine width line.  It has a nice springy action, with a little bit of softness.  

The 58 is the archetypal 1950s Conway Stewart, and the hatched colours are one of the more sought-after colourways.

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