CS949 Conway Stewart No. 380. (Soft Medium)

CS949 Conway Stewart No. 380.  (Soft Medium)
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CS949 Conway Stewart No. 380. (Soft Medium)

Date: c1930s

Size: Capped - 123mm, posted - 154mm.

A beautiful and very glossy Conway 380.  The 380 model is very uncommon - this is actually the first one I have had for sale in the 20-odd years I have been selling vintage pens.  It is in very good condition - just the plating wear on the filling lever and pocket clip hold it back from being "excellent".  The pocket clip has a little high-point wear, but the lever has lost nearly all its plating.  The good thing about this pen, and it is real plus, is the material it is made from.  The celluloid of the cap and barrel has the "reverse cracked ice" pattern of a silvery grey ground with jet black veining.  The cap has a large black hard rubber top button - this still has an excellent deep and rich black colour with no appreciable fading.   The pocket clip has the Conway cypher within a diamond shaped cartouche at the top and the diamond motif is repeated at the bottom.  There are two narrow cap bands.  On the barrel the imprint is quite faint in the centre but better at the edges.  It is all just about still there.  The short gold filled filling lever has the "CS" logo, again inside a diamond, on the circular end tab.  The nib is a lovely Conway Stewart No. 4 in 14 carat gold.  It has a medium width point.

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is very smooth and produces a very nice wet and medium width line.  The nib is soft - bordering in semi-flexible and it will produce some lovely line width variation as you write.  

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