ES347 Esterbrook J Series Pencil.

ES347 Esterbrook J Series Pencil.
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ES347 Esterbrook J Series Pencil.

Date: c1950

Size: Length - 124mm.

This is a beautiful pearlised deep red J pencil.   It is slightly slimmer than most Esterbrook J pencils that I have seen before, so it may have been paired with the slimmer SJ model pen.  It is unusual to find Esterbrook pencils and this is in excellent condition.  Both barrel and cap are beautifully glossy with no noticeable scratches or other damage.  The top of the cap is decorated with a stepped black "jewel" with the little dimple in the centre which was peculiar to the pencils.  The pocket clip is ribbed and chrome plated, as is the cap band, which has a little discolouration, but nothing really noticeable.   There is an imprint at the top of the barrel which is nice and clear and crisp.  The cap pulls off to reveal the stub of the original pink eraser in its little metal holder.  Below this is a storage area for spare 0.9mm leads,   The point is also chrome plated, and the forward end of the barrel is ribbed to afford a good positive grip.  This is a clutch-type pencil.  You depress the cap to open the clutch and allow the lead to advance.  I have installed a fresh 0.9mm lead into the clutch so the pencil is all ready to go.    

I have fully serviced this pencil.  It works perfectly.

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