ME192 Mentmore Auto-Flow. (Semi-Flexible Medium)

ME192 Mentmore Auto-Flow. (Semi-Flexible Medium)
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ME192 Mentmore Auto-Flow. (Semi-Flexible Medium)

Date: c1930s

Size: Length - 5 1/8 inches capped; 6 5/16 inches posted.

A very attractive full-sized Mentmore.  It is in excellent condition, with just some plating wear to the pocket clip ball that is not really noticeable.  Both cap and barrel are made glossy hard rubber, with no noticeable scratches or any other damage that I can see.  It has an all-over chasing in the very attractive barleycorn pattern - quite unusual with the Auto-Flow pens as they tend to be plain. The cap has a large flat black hard rubber top button that holds on the gold filled and ball-ended pocket clip with the Mentmore "M" on the shoulder.  Near the cap lip is a single narrow gold plated band.  This is a button filled pen and the filling button is accessible after you have unscrewed the barrel end blind cap.  The nib is a nice large 14 carat Mentmore in what looks to be a generous medium point size.

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is very smooth and lays down a great wet and consistent medium width line.  The nib has some very pleasing softness to it - I would describe it as semi-flexible and it will easily manage some very attractive line width variation from a fine to a good broad width.  

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