ME221 Platignum Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed. (Fine)

ME221 Platignum Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed.  (Fine)
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ME221 Platignum Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed. (Fine)

Date: c1960s

Size: Length -135mm capped; 155 posted.

This very nice pen and ballpoint set looks like it has hardly been used, if at all.  It is an early 1960s Platignum set with chrome plated trim.  The caps have a rakishly slanted top to them that has a chrome plated metal covering.  The Platignum pocket clips have a vaguely arrow shape to them with a fluted shoulder.  The caps have a single chrome plated lip band.   The early ballpoint pen in this set took proprietary refills as most did at this time, so I can't get a replacement refill for it.  As such, it is not a useable piece, so I am pricing the set accordingly. 

Fountain Pen

This is a lever filled pen.  The nib is made from steel and imprinted "PLATIGNUM / 1st QUALITY / M".  Although marked as a medium nib, it writes more like a fine.  


An early capped ballpoint pen.  The cap itself is friction fit.  Unusually, the refill is actually the front part of the barrel too.  Although you can unscrew the original refill, I can't imagine finding or retro-fitting a modern refill to fit that is going to be an easy conversion.   


The original paperboard box has a white pad and a red outer with a silver star pattern.  Inside the lid is "Platignum / MADE IN ENGLAND".  There is quite a l9ot of writing inside the lid including a dedication for Christmas 1963.  

 I have fully serviced this set.  The pen writes very nicely with a good smooth action and produces a nice wet and consistent fine width line.  

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