ME222 Platignum Silverline Lettering Set, boxed.

ME222 Platignum Silverline Lettering Set, boxed.
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ME222 Platignum Silverline Lettering Set, boxed.

Date: c1960s

Size: Length - 137mm capped; 145mm posted.

A very nice calligraphy set in apparently unused and still near pristine.  The set consists of a brown Platignum Silverline Pressmatic pen with six calligraphy nibs as you can see, all italic points in varying thicknesses from fine to B4.  All nibs are, as far as I can tell, unused.  They are screw-in units and fit several different Platignum pen models from the 1950s and 1960s.  The box is essentially undamaged, and is complete with its clear plastic lid and card outer slipcase.  Below the red cardboard insert is the original instruction sheet.  You don't often see these old Platignum sets, especially in this good a condition.  They seem to be much more uncommon than the Osmiroid sets.

The Silverline pen has a deep and glossy brown finish - a very unusual colour in its own right, and one I have not seen before in this model.  The pen itself is in excellent condition with no damage noted at all.  The cap has a chrome plated top button with a chrome plated pocket clip and single chrome plated cap band.  The barrel has a chrome plated end button to match the cap and a very nice deep, crisp and clear imprint.  The barrel unscrews to reveal the Aerometric style filling system.  This is also chrome plated - and also in excellent bright and shiny condition.  The original transparent ink sac shows no sign at all that it has ever seen ink. 

I have fully serviced this set.

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