MS546 Exactus Mini Currency Calculator

MS546 Exactus Mini Currency Calculator
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MS546 Exactus Mini Currency Calculator

Date: c1050s

Size: 4 1/4 inches by 3 inches.

This is a bit of a nostalgic item for me as I remember these calculators from I was a small boy.  Before the age of electronics and LED pocket calculators, which were pioneered by Sinclair in the 1970s, these handy little gadgets were used to calcualte addition and subtraction of pre-decimla currency amounts.  It is complete with stylus, instruction booklet, and leatherette wallet.  It is in excelletn condition, no damage to the adding machine, the wallet has a little stitching loosening at the opening and the instruction booklet, although complete, is understandably a little fragile.  The machine works by using the stylus to move ratchets up and down in the pouns, shillings, and pence coloums.  It even has a seperate column for farthings.  By flipping up and down the hinged overlay you can swap between addition and subtraction very quickly.  There is really no practical purpose for this item these days; we have left the old currency system long behind, for good or bad, but it is a very interesting little machine, in lovely condition and complete with its wallet and instructions.

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