MS560 L. G. Sloan's "Economy" Pencil.

MS560 L. G. Sloan's "Economy" Pencil.
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MS560 L. G. Sloan's "Economy" Pencil.

Date: c1930s

Size: Length - Capped 4 7/8 inches; Posted 5 15/16 inches.  

This is a crazy pencil.  L. G. Sloan was the sole UK importer in the 20s and 30s for Waterman pens and the Waterman presentation boxes of the period often have the "L. G. Sloan's" name and shop address in Kingsway, London printed on them.  L. G. Sloan is also rather well known for their ink remover kits which appear regularly on e-bay, consisting of two bottles in a cardboard box.  I did not, however, know, until I found this pencil, that they actually made their own writing instruments.  This pencil accepts 5.6 mm leads, which are still quite common today. It is made from black polished hard rubber with a chrome plated pocket clip.  This pencil is in very good condition with the only damage that I can find on it being some minor foxing to the plating at the edges of the pocket clip.  The cap has a flat top button that holds on the washer style pocket clip.  This is quite wide at the shoulder and narrows down toward the "flattened ball" style terminal.  The barrel is open at the end (I think this is intentional as it allows a fresh lead to easily be loaded into the mechanism by dropping it into the back of the barrel.  On the side of the barrel is a huge and very clear imprint.  At the writing end, it gets quite interesting.  The forward end of the barrel has two wide slits opposite each other, allowing the tip to separate.  In this way, a 5.6 mm lead can be slid from the back of the barrel through the tip, and protrude out of the front of the pencil.  The threading of the tip allows a hard rubber ring to be screwed onto the end and finger-tightened to lock the lead into position.  This ring has the added benefit of forming a "stop" to prevent the pencil from slitting in the fingers during use.  

All-in-all then, a really interesting item.  Just the quirky, funky type of thing that always intrigues me.  

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