MS565 Advertising Pencil, boxed.

MS565 Advertising Pencil, boxed.
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MS565 Advertising Pencil, boxed.

Date: c1930s

Size: Length - 4 13/16 inches.

I really like this 1930s advertising pencil.  It is very well made, and still in its original box.  It is in very nice condition too, with the only damage that I can find on it being a small 1mm diameter area of tarnishing to the chrome plated point.  Otherwise, it is in lovely condition.  The box lid has a couple of slit corners and a little scribble.  It is printed "With the Compliments of Automatic Telephone & Electric Co. Ltd.", with a logo to the left of a rotary telephone dial encircling the globe's equator.  The slogan on the side of the box states: "The stronger dial rotates with the world".  The pencil itself has a flared black crown which has the company logo etched in the top surface and infilled in a gold colour.  You can pull the crown off and this reveals the original and partly used pink eraser.   Below this is a space to store spare leads.  The main barrel is a bright red colour.  It has a short pocket clip that is affixed to the top of the barrel, and the company name next to it picked out in gold.  Pn the other side of the barrel, lightly imprinted, is a series of patent numbers, which are British patents.  I have looked these up - they refer to the pencil's mechanism, and were all held by the same two inventors.  The latest of the patents was granted in 1929, so, I would date this pencil to probably the early- to mid-1930s. The forward end ofthe pencil has a chrome band with a black tapered section and then the chrome plated point, which you twist to extend and retract the 1.18mm lead.  I have fitted a fresh vintage blue lead into this pencil so it is all ready to go.

I have fully serviced this pencil.  It is in excellent condition and works perfectly.

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