MS621 Obunsha Teikin (Soft Extra-Fine)

MS621 Obunsha Teikin (Soft Extra-Fine)
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MS621 Obunsha Teikin (Soft Extra-Fine)

Date: c1960s?

Size: Length - 121mm capped - 160mm posted.

A very nice example of a Japanese pocket, or "short" pen.  This pen has a rather long cap and a very short barrel, making it quite short when capped, but of a "normal" size when posted for writing.  These pens were very popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and made by Platinum, Pilot, and Sailor, as well as many other smaller companies.  This is one such pen, made by the Obunsha company, called the Teikin,  It is one of their more up-market pens, with a lovely brushed gold finish cap and barrel.  The pen has an unusual but very robust-looking gold plated pocket clip.  Between the cap and barrel is a rather ornately decorated gold plated band.  The barrel unscrews to allow the fitting of a Sailor ink cartridge.  I have already installed one into the pen and I will include the rest of the pack of cartridges with the pen to get you started.  The glossy black gripping section is quite long, and the nib is made from stainless steel, originally gold plated, but much of the original very thin gold plating has worn off.  The nib is imprinted "Teikin" and has a rather unusual double-breather hole arrangement that I don't recall ever seeing before.  

I have fully serviced this pen.  Apart from the plating wear on the nib, this pen appears to be in excellent and undamaged condition.  The nib writes very well with a good smooth action.  It produces an extra-fine line and does have a little bit of softness to it.   

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