MS636 Vintage Old Stock Pencil

MS636 Vintage Old Stock Pencil
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MS636 Vintage Old Stock Pencil

Date: c1950

Size: Length - 122mm.

This pencil is part of a consignment of old stock pencils I recently purchased.  I think they are probably all from the 1950s or possibly slightly earlier, and all apparently unused.  None of the pencil appear to have a manufacturer's name on them, but many share unmistakeable design similarities and they all appear to have the same propel-only internal mechanism, so my best guess is that they are possibly left-over stock from a maker that went out of business in the 1950s when many traditional pen and pencil makers were finding it harder and harder to sell their products under the competition from the new-fangled ballpoints.  

This all-black pencil has a gold plated pocket clip, two gold plated bands and a gold plated point.  It is in excellent, and as far as I can see, undamaged condition.  The pencil has a sharply tapering end which can be twisted to extend the original lead that is still fitted to the pen.  The mechanism is propel-only. It is made from jet black celluloid.  It has a "segmented" pocket clip that widens toward the terminal.   

This pencil works perfectly.

A rather unusual looking pencil.

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