MS640 "Junior" Lever Filled Pen. (Extra Fine)

MS640 "Junior" Lever Filled Pen. (Extra Fine)
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MS640 "Junior" Lever Filled Pen. (Extra Fine)

Date: c1950s?

Size: Length - 113mm capped - 131mm posted.

A small sized lever fill pen.  I bought a job lot of these mounted on a counter-top card display.  They are not top quality pens by any means, but they are unusual all the same as survivors of a type of pen that is usually only found in very poor condition and used to death.  I am confident in saying that this pen is an old stock item and has never been used.  It does have the usual plating degradation where the base metal has slowly worked its way through the thin gold plating on the trim over the years.  I would guess this pen was made during the 1950s judging by the design of the pen.  It has a black cap top "jewel" which holds on the rather ornate pocket clip.  There is a single band around the cap lip.  On the barrel is a simple imprint "EMPIRE MADE" which is opposite the filling lever.  The cap unscrews to reveal a gold plated stainless steel nib which looks to be in a fine point.    

I have fully serviced this pen.  Despite it being a budget pen, the nib writes very well with a good smooth action.  It produces a very nice extra-fine width line.  

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