OM011 Omas Arte Itlaiana Art Deco Rollerball

OM011 Omas Arte Itlaiana Art Deco Rollerball
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OM011 Omas Arte Itlaiana Art Deco Rollerball

ate: c2000s

Size: Length Capped - 5 5/8 inches; Posted - 6 3/4 inches.

An old stock Omas Arte Italiana Paragon special edition Art Deco rollerball in a lovely red cotton resin.  Although called the Paragon, it is actually the Milord size, but still large and impressive, with its faceted barrel and cap and beautiful cap bands that perfectly follow the cap lip faceting.  This is an old stock pen, and though without its box, is in perfect condition still.  I have had this since new and it has sat in my stock room ever since.  It is a shame that the box has gone missing, but I can't locate it anywhere.  This pen has a conical ended cap with a rhodium plated pocket clip that tapers toward the roller terminal.  You can unscrew the cap to reveal the rhodium plated point.  The blind cap at the end of the barrel unscrews to allow the replacement if the refill.  These take the Schmidt type P8120/P8126/P8127 capless roller refills.  The original refill is already in the pen, and it does seem to work but is likely on its last legs after all this time.  I will supply a new refill with the pen when I send it.  


A truly lovely pen.  The Arte Italiana models were the mainstay of the Omas range and were of superb quality both in guild and materials.  

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