OS023 Osmiroid Lettering Set, boxed.

OS023 Osmiroid Lettering Set, boxed.
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OS023 Osmiroid Lettering Set, boxed.

Date: c1960s

Size: Length - 136mm capped; 155mm posted.

This boxed lettering set includes a black Osmiroid 65 fountain pen and six Osmiroid nibs.

Fountain Pen

The fountain pen is in really nice, almost unused, condition.  There are no cracks, splits or chips and only very few fine surface scratches.  The cap band is loose on this pen due to minor shrinkage of the cap diameter - I have tried to fix it back, but it is likely to come loose again.  It is not a major disaster, but it does affect the value of this item.  Otherwise, the black plastic has a nice original sheen.  The cap has a chrome plated pocket clip and cap band.  The barrel has a nice crisp and deep imprint.  The filling lever is chrome plated.  all the trim is in undamaged and unbrassed condition.


The Osmiriod nib units are also compatible with Esterbrook fountain pens, and vice versa.  The six nibs consist of one Fine Italic, one Broad Italic, one "B2", two "B3", one "B4", and one soft fine nib unit.  All are gold plated and all are undamaged and appear to have never been used.  

Pen and nibs are both housed in a black and white board box.  There is sticky tape on the outside, though I am not sure why as the box seems to manage OK without it.  Inside, the nibs are held into a black card insert.  

I have replaced the ink sac in the pen.  I have not tested the nibs as they all appear t obe unused - generally, though, these Osmiroid nibs produce good, clean lines, and the soft fine nib is one of the most sought-after Osmiroid nibs units available. 

I have priced this as basically a collection of six old-stock Osmiroid nibs due to the issue with the fountain pen cap band.  

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